Woman offering e-cigarettes to children

A video of a woman blowing smoke from a vaping device onto the children’s face had sparked outrage from the public. She even offered them e-cigarettes to try out. We do have laws here that prevents smoking to those aged 18 years and below but common sense should prevail in understanding the repercussion of this outrageous act.

Image above: The little kids smoking electronic cigarettes
The children seen are believed to be between 2 – 6 years old. The woman gave each one a turn to try smoking the vaping device. These innocent children were seen accepting the e-cigarette with curious smiles of joy and sucking on it as though it is another toy to play.

Hardly two months back, the National Fatwa committee had issued a fatwa to ban shisha smoking and declared it haram. The Health Minister had also urged to stop smoking shisha. But that did not deter the woman from carrying out this irresponsible act on the children. 



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