Brooke Greenberg - The 16 year old girl that stopped growing...

First of all, my apologies for my silence as i was very tied up with my project assignment. I was doing between 3-5 hrs sleep daily on workdays and work longer on weekends to complete a write up. It's good to be back again. Hope things will get back normal. And also time to catch up on my lost sleep.

Anyway, today's post is something  sad i came to learn about. It is about a 16 year old girl who appears to look like a toddler. Her name is Brooke Greenberg. Doctors/Scientists can't find anything abnormal about her except that she may shed some light on how humans age. I felt a pity for her parents who are aging. There is a photo that shows her dad carrying her. How the parents may be concerned for her as they age and some fine day may pass on one fine day. Their worrying concerns could be who is going to look after their child once they are no longer around to take care of her.

Photo: Brooke when she was 1 yr old with her 2 elder sisters then, Caitlin-4yrs old & Emily 8 yrs old.

Photo: Brooke when she was 3 yrs old

Photo above: Latest picture of Brooke 16 carried by her younger sister Carla 13 yrs old.

Although she appears like a toddler, only her nails and hair are seen to grow. She has baby teeth but her bone age is estimated 10 years old. Her body is not developing as a coordinated unit but as independent parts that are out of sync, says a doctor from University of South Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Richard Walker.

There is one more fascinating fact about this little wonder child. There was a point of time when she was diagnosed with brain tumor. At that time, she slept continuously for 14 days and awoke with the missing tumor. In another incident, she had a brain seizure which doctors thought to be stroke which she recovered well without any physical damage to herself.

I hope she recovers and leads a normal life and age like everybody else.

Source: ABC News
More pictures of Brooke here:

Prahlad Jani-The ascetic who survives without food.

I found something interesting. A man who has survived without any food or fluid for over 6 decades. Normally, fasting without food would lead to starvation, dehydration & eventually death. As i read about him, i learned a new word called "inedia" - the ability to live without food or fluid. Inedia is related to breatharianism in which people with such abilities that food & water are not necessarily needed for nourishment. Instead, they can rely on breath to draw on the energy of "Chi" or "Prana", the vital force by which they draw on or the energy from sunlight. This is a skill which is learned by the application of specific techniques.

The 76 year old ascetic who lives in Gujerat, India has not had any food since the age of 11 years after a spiritual experience that changed his life forever. Mr. Jani explains that he gets an elixir through a hole in his palate which helps him to survive without food or water.

More about him:
In November 2003, after over a year of coaxing, Prahlad Jani was finally persuaded to participate in a scientific research study. A medical research team of twenty-one specialists, headed by Dr. Sudhir V. Shah, had Prahlad Jani under twenty-four hours of observation for ten days at the Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad. The team's research expertise included cardiology, neurology, urology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, renal function, pulmonary function, ENT analysis, psychiatry, general medicine, and other specialities. A series of investigations were done on Mr. Jani in each of these areas according to a pre-determined protocol, and additional tests were carried out as per suggestions of the team. At the conclusion of their intensive investigations the team's doctors were left with an unexplained mystery, unable to disprove Prahlad Jani claims.

Prahlad Jani was initially kept in ICU for the first twenty-four hours. For the next nine days he was kept in a specially prepared room with a sealed-off toilet and a glass door. The room was also equipped with video surveillance to continuously monitor Prahlad Jani. Additionally, staff persons were assigned to stay in the same room with Prahlad Jani round-the-clock to make sure that he did not eat, drink, or pass urine or stool.

To assure researchers of no possible intake of water, Prahlad Jani agreed he would not bathe during the medical investigation. Prahlad Jani was permitted a small measured quantity of water to use as a mouthwash. He then spat the water into a beaker to verify that none had been drunk. An ultrasound, which was made of Mr. Jani's bladder twice daily, indicated that there was urine accumulation, which subsequently decreased on its own without passing.

At the end of the ten days of observation, the team of doctors verified that Prahlad Jani had not taken food or drank fluids. (The average person cannot survive without water for more than four days.) The team concluded that Mr. Jani's health had not deteriorated during this study. Also, according to the hospital's deputy superintendent, Dr. Dinesh Desai, "A series of tests conducted on him show his body mechanism is that of a normal person." Prahlad Jani's survival without food or fluids remains one of those unexplained mysteries.

The following are excerpts from the research team's concluding report:

1. The protocol was strictly adhered to.

2. Mr. Jani had not passed or dribbled urine during these 10 days.

3. He has not taken anything by mouth or by any other routes not even water for 10 days.

4. All his parameters remained within the range determined by the committee.

5. He has shown evidence of formation of urine, which seems to be reabsorbed from his bladder wall. However, at present the committee does not have any scientific explanation for the same but the help of senior scientists and medical personnel of the country is being taken for the same.

We are surprised as to how he has survived despite above particularly without passing urine for 10 days and remaining generally physically fit. However, it should be made very clear that we have confirmed the claim over 10 days only and we as scientists and responsible doctors cannot say anything regarding validity of the claim of his sustaining without food, drinks, urination and excretion of stools over several years.

Dr. Sudhir V. Shah (Consultant Neurophysician, Sterling Hospital/Associate professor of neurology at K. M. School of PGMR, Ahmedabad) headed the research panel of doctors who performed this study. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Sudhir V. Shah for providing the Case Summary of this study along with the photos of Mr. Jani. To view the Case Summary of Mr. Jani in its entirety please go to: P. Jani Medical Report.

Another similar research study, also headed by Dr. Sudhir V. Shah at Sterling Hospital, was conducted on Hira Ratan Manek. Mr. Manek claimed not to have eaten since 1995. Mr. Manek was kept under scientific observation round-the-clock for 411 continuous days. During this time Mr. Manek subsisted only on boiled water. This study also left researchers baffled. Dr. Sudhir V. Shah kindly provided a copy of his article about this study which was published in Gujarat Medical Journal – March 2001. To view this report online please see: Mr. Manek Medical Report.


Skeleton Rides Bike.....

There's nothing mystical or supernatural about this Skeleton though. Except that, some of the respondents would have put runner Carl Lewis to shame. Hope this will cheer you up.

Third eye Meditation

Just sharing a video explaining what is 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation all about.
It is almost self-explanatory.

Meditational State

The Riot Dog

Photo: The dog barking at the riot Police.
(They are too busy to notice this dog)

I came across an interesting news about a dog. I don’t know what to call it, wonder dog or a confused dog. This incident took place in Greece. Amidst the protesters marching, this dog mysteriously never misses an occasion to take part in these protests too. And it is not with the good side of the law. Should we call him a bandit dog? Well, this dog already has a few nick-names such as the "rebel dog", "protest dog" and "riot dog" & already found it's way to the facebook. There is even a fan page dedicated to this dog.

Photo: Dog seen in Action. Fire-bomb thrown & the dog jumps to protest. But actually, this startled dog seen here seems to be reacting to a tear gas bomb exploding. Probably is screaming in pain, too. (A pitiful sight!)

Photo: The protesters may have fled the fire but the privileged dog stayed put.
Hmmmm...this is one "hot dog".

Photo:This time around the dog barks catches the attention of 3 riot police.
(I wonder what they are thinking...)

The above are some photos captured where this dog was seen in demonstrations & barks at the riot police (protesting God knows what). Where most people are airing their grouses in regards to the economic situation of their country, this dog wants its piece of say, too. Unfortunately, there was no translator for the dog when it made its barking speech that got the standing ovation from both sides of the law.
Ruff, ruff… …wow …ruff..ruff…

For more details, the link:

Reincarnation - A subject of Life after Death

Nature has many knowledge & phenomenon in store that is yet to be fully understood or discovered by human beings. When new relics are discovered from ancient sites, history has to be re-written all over again. Thus, brings to our attention, the limitation of our presumed knowledge.

In today’s post of mystique earth, the subject of reincarnation comes to my mind with the bringing forth of many claims & accounts of supposedly belonged from a previous birth. Are these truths or simply a figment of one’s own imagination? My purpose here is just to bring in these accounts for us to see. In these writings, you will find the subject written in a neutral manner, as usual –neither in support nor disagreement of the subject.

Many religions believed in the transmigration of souls from one body to another after death. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans & Aztecs believed in this. Buddhists & Hinduism also has similar faith.

There is a belief that early Christian Church accepted the doctrine of reincarnation which was expounded by the Gnostics & by numerous church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria, the celebrated Origen & 5th century St. Jerome. This theory was first declared a heresy in 533 AD by the 2nd Council of Constantinople. At the time, many Christians thought the doctrine of reincarnation afforded man too ample of time & space to encourage him to strive for immediate salvation.

Video: In the video above, a child recalls memories from past life as a pilot shot down by a Japanese during World War II.

Past Life Regression
There is a common believe by some that the problems & afflictions of current physical life could be understood by drawing on experiences of past life. Here is where past life regression comes to the picture. Here are some of the accounts of celebrities who have undergone PLR to understand a deeper explanations behind unexplainable fears & pain.

Glenn Ford

Glenn Ford, (photo above) the late famous Hollywood actor had fear of horses. In a PLR session it was disclosed that he had a fall from his previous birth.

Reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe
Dr. Adrian Finklestein, believes Sherrie Lea Laird is evidently the reincarnation of famous actress Marilyn Monroe.

Click here for the details:

A point to dispel
Some of these reports claim to be done scientifically or the proponents do claim that they have scientific proof of their research. The questions that normally surrounds such claims are how scientific were these research done. The methodology may come into question. There are claims by well known researchers of this subject such as Dr. Ian Stevenson who claims to possess over 5000 testimonies of past life accounts from children all over the world.

Argument in support of the theory above
When paranormal or the unexplained spiritual forms are attempted to be defined from a non-spiritual standpoint, the explanations can sometimes be quite elusive. To define this explanation requires an understanding of the paranormal realms which goes far beyond the tenets by which the 5 senses co-relate. Paranormal activity goes beyond our normal consciousness to tap on the sixth sense to source this knowledge from the sub-conscious mind.

Tibetan Sky Burial

First Photo above: The body is prepared for "Sky Burial".

Second photo (below): The bones are crushed.

Third photo Below: Flour is added before fed to the onlookers, "the Vultures"

The following is a footage of the burial rites in Tibet. The people here practise a ritual known as Sky burial. It is the usual means for disposing of the dead. The corpse is offered to the vultures, known as Dakinis, the Tibetan equivalent of angels.

Some of the explanations i picked up:
1. The person who chops the body is known as tokden "realized one" or free of attachment.He is thouroughly professional. Family member do not do this job. It is neccessary to make pieces of bones and meat so that at nothing is left behind. All the remaining bones, including skull is crushed and mixed with baked barley" tsampa" and brain of the deceased and fed to the vultures at the end of the day

2. The Tokdens who perform sky burial are not necessarily monks. They do their job without repugnance and attachment.Most of them are lay pratitioners who have good knowledge of cho.Cho is a Budhist practice of offering ones body in prayer and visualization while alive, to help subdue ones ego and clinging. Accomplished Tokdens cut the corpse in Mandala style before he perform Cho to invite the vultures.

3. The person who took the video claims he heard an eerie singing voice (which can be heard at the beginning of the footage). There was no music added, according to him.

The video footage below:


The Secrets of a Fake Levitating "Yogi" Exposed

It is funny as i find that the Powers of Creativity is being abused for selfish needs. What is it with people that make them go around trying to fool others? Are they trying to impress others to gain popularity due to their own low self-esteem? Or are they doing this to make a daily living from people who look upon them with awe & reverence? There is a saying that a camera cannot lie. Unfortunately, a camera is not capable of detecting lies as well.

It was quite amusing to see the paranormal detective doing his strut to expose this fake artist. Check this one out. It was quite an interesting discovery that this trick has been used for a long time to fool people.

Image Below: Image of levitation during ancient time draws a lot of crowd who are mesmerized by this performance. These "Super duper yogis (fake) get a lot of attention and goodies in the process of demonstrating their "skills". However, real yogis who are bestowed with "Siddhi" and can actually perform shun from such activities of show-offs.

Image below: Now to this modern day "yogi" who is set to accomplish a similar feat who is unfortunately not so lucky as the Holiness below is not bestowed with precognition/premonition (psychic gift for advance knowledge of the future)

Image below: Authorities with the help of Psychic investigator bust his performance. Note how he is now in seated position from the same platform. He calmly looks down and is assisted to come out of his "throne".

Image below: This is the real levitating device. The "Yogi" has been sitting on this stool which is supported by the rod all the while...while his eyes shut in "deep meditation". Or perhaps, he was doing a mental calculation of the amount of money the public was willing to donate for his "outstanding" or "out-sitting" performance.

In the video footage below, you can see it all in sequence.

First video (above): A Super Yogi doing a "Super Stunt".

Second video: A Shaman performing Levitation in the dark

I don't know about this one. Could it be that this is a trick performed to gain fame? Or are there some unseen beings lifting him in the dark? I can't say for sure. But he sure looks tired & is panting after the "performance". But, why the need to go through such pain? I wonder why...?

Sit back n enjoy....

Patrice Laborda
BBC Prime Media

Remote Viewing

The ability I'd like to write about today is a subject called remote viewing. No, it is not remote control gadget for the electronic appliances such as TV, DVD player, fan, air-conditioner, etc. It is a subjective topic of a perceived ability of the mind. The person (remote viewer) tries to sense an object (also called "target") which is usually located far & not visible within the perimeter of an eye's vision. In another words, using ESP (extra sensory perception) to obtain information in a far distant place.

Graphic below: No,... remote viewing is not about remote controls.

One of the well known proponents of remote viewing is Russel Targ, a para-psychologist.
See photo below.

Here is Russel Targ's story:
"One day, while we were working with Pat Price, he didn't arrive for the scheduled experiment. So, in the spirit of the show must go on, I spontaneously decided to undertake the remote viewing myself. Prior to that, I had been only an interviewer and facilitator for such trials. In this series we were trying to describe the day-to-day activities of Hal Puthoff as he traveled through Columbia, in South America. We would not receive any feedback until he returned, and I therefore had no clues at all as to what he was doing. I closed my eyes and immediately had an image of an island airport. The surprisingly accurate sketch I drew is shown below. What we learned from this trial, is that even a scientist can be psychic, when the necessity level is high enough."

Sketch above was produced by physicist Russell Targ, when he spontaneously took the role of remote viewer in the absence of psychic Pat Price.

Photo above shows the target, which was an airport on an island off San Andres, Columbia. Targ correctly saw, "Ocean at the end of a runway."

So, what exactly is the grand deal about the remote viewing, one may ask. Actually, it is no big deal but can be a big deal if one really can perform such a feat. After all, Einstein did once say that the average humans use less than 9% of the total capacity of the mind. It would bring no harm to add another % to enrich the capabilities that one can have.

Remote Sensing??
Remote viewing is not remote sensing. Remote sensing is a technology involving the use of sensors placed on platform moving at a far distance from earth's surface and it can be used for collecting data of the earth for the purposes of inventorying and monitoring.Technology refers to satellite, computer, image processing application, etc. Sensors consists of multi spectral electro-optical, radar, laser, camera, etc. Finally, the platform used for this technology are satellites, aircraft, balloons, etc. and certainly has nothing to do with the ability of the mind. One special features of this remote sensing is however is that it provides a bird's eye view coverage of large areas providing simultaneous different spatial information which is very suitable for integrated development planning & monitoring. Funny, I think the satellite viewing should be named remote viewing instead of sensing & vice-versa.

Photo above: Remote sensing via satellites.

As i was thinking....
What would a person do if suddenly the person finds he/she is capable of pinpointing a target with great accuracy?

Would he/she begin to look for the "pot of gold" under the rainbow?

Photo: Is there really a pot of gold under the rainbow?

Finding out the archaeological sites that are yet to be discovered. There are many hills, mountains & jungles. Quite a number have been discovered with startling stories to tell, such as the Bujang Valley & the Kota Gelanggi, Kumari Kandam, Machu-Pichu, etc.

What are the possibilities or percentage of locating missing persons? Possibility of crime victims, or rapists. Some victims are barely teenagers & yet they fall prey to this unsuspecting criminals. The recent body of a school girl who was only partly covered happened to be a rape victim. Another most unforgettable, disheartening & heart-breaking incident is the infamous Nurin-Jazlin's brutal rape & murder which took place in 2007. (See Nurin Jazlin's pix below).

If only the child- parent both could communicate telepathically to the other or if remote-viewing is really reliable with accurate results, could the tragedy be avoided...?

Finding the exact hide-out of the kidnappers location? Some victims are lucky yet some are not gifted enough to see through the next day when ransom money fails to be delivered.

However, this are but just mere possibilities. The fact remains that this phenomenon could not yet be proved with sufficient evidence or intelligible accuracy. The data produced by the remote viewer seems to contain a lot of erroneous data & is very vague. Not much of help. The CIA sponsored about USD50k as early as 1972 to conduct studies & research of it's use for intelligence purpose. In 1995, the CIA started a 20 million dollar project called the "Stargate Project". However, when the program results were not encouraging, the idea was dropped the same year. It still leaves much to be desired.

What would you do if you are endowed with such an ability?

Photo/Graphic Contributions:


Cops on graveyard shift duty at Bandar Hilir police station experienced an incident that sent a chilling shock straight to their spines....