I cannot believe that in this 21st Century, we still have men practicing laws similar to that which was practiced a few centuries ago. An unelected village council called a “panchayat” made up of all male had ordered a 23 year old Meenakshi Kumari and her teenage sister, 15 year old to be raped as punishment because their brother ran off with a married woman. They are also to be paraded naked with their faces blackened. A man is innocent until proven guilty, but over here, the man who did the crime could not be apprehended and so they found the easy way out is to grab the innocent next of kin to meet out the punishment. What rubbish!!

Image above: The outraged ladies following the Delhi bus gang rape in 2012. Whole India was shocked by this incident. Barely 3 years later, in the same vicinity, this clowns in "panchayat" are imposing rape as a form of punishment. What is wrong with these people?

Amnesty International
This outrageous order was revealed by the Amnesty International which confirmed that the sisters and their family members have fled their village in the district of Baghpat, outside of Delhi. Amnesty International has condemned this village ruling and had started a petition on this subject.

The chronology of event leading to this stupid form of punishment:
1. The two sister’s brother, Ravi fell in love with a girl from a higher caste. Ravi it was reported as being in low “untouchable” caste called the Dalit caste while the girl he loved was from a Jat caste which is a higher caste. (Yes, these people evidently still practice the caste system)

2. They were forcefully separated by the girl’s parents due to this caste system where she was later married off to another man in February.

3. The Jat girl escapes from her in laws home and eloped with Ravi on March 22. Ravi's family are very concerned for the safety of this girl who is believed to be pregnant with Ravi's child.

4. Ravi’s family was allegedly tortured by the Police and the members of the Jat community

5. The “Panchayat”, the all men Jat village ruling then decided that the boy’s family should be dishonored to avenge the brother’s deed.

6. The 23-year-old Dalit girl from Bhagpat district in her petition to the SC has sought protection for her and her family.

7. The girl in her complaint to the Apex court has also mentioned that their family home in the village was ransacked and taken over by the Jat community members following which they escaped to Delhi.

8. According to reports, the court has now issued notice to UP government seeking its response in the matter within two weeks.

I think these all male village council are made up of sadists who are sex starved and are taking opportunity to moot out this punishment so that they are able to see some young flesh of the female gender. They are probably not exposed to uncensored pictures of women and hard up for something to see. Oh, of course, while they are racists of practicing caste system, this is done in the name of punishment so that the rest of the villagers do not deem them as sex maniacs but as men of high integrity and values. Someone please call 911 to engage the firemen to douse their sadistic sexual appetite.

For those who wish to help the sister, Meenakshi to sign the petition, please do so at the given link: 

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This is a story about a young Indian woman who was allegedly molested when she slept in the rooftop of her home in Lucknow city, Northern India. After the attack, she turned to the Red Brigade, a women’s group that helps victims of harassment and provide protection towards young girls from sexual abuse.

In the video above you can see how furious the lady is towards the alleged molester

The Red Brigade managed to track down the man who was accused of molesting and took him to the alleged victim for him to apologize before surrendering him to the Police. However, things didn’t turn out the way it was anticipated as the angry young woman took turns to repeatedly slap him on his face while others looked on. He was pleading and bargaining with her for forgiveness before she hit him so hard until he fell to his knees. She continued to slap and beat him on his back while scolding him with no mercy shown despite his pleas. While this was going on, the council of the elders took their chairs and was seated and watched this drama unfold.

 Image above: The man pleads for forgiveness

 Image above: The victim slaps the man

 Image above: The man falls down after the woman repeatedly slaps and beats the crap out of him

In this case, the damage was done and you cannot reverse the time. Otherwise, if this episode did not unfold, the possibilities are probably she might live with the fear of men who might chance upon molesting or hurting her again when she is alone or she might just brush this incident as inevitable and thank God that she was not raped. For men in general, or other would be rapists who read this news would probably think ,well, this happened to that man and it would not probably happen to me and still may proceed with their crime when the opportunities arise. Overall, the impact is minimal but still the efforts of the Red Brigade troop are praiseworthy.

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Each day, we read a lot of news coverage of incidents. Some are inevitable and it will happen no matter what is done. Then there are some incidents that could be prevented. Talking of prevention, Mr. Li, a street vendor from Zhongshan, South China saw an infant dangling from a high rise building in a busy street.

He was there waiting with his open arms to catch when the child falls. Several others also participated by putting padding on the floor such as cardboards to cushion the impact but this is a child who could not possibly survive the impact of the fall. He said, “I didn’t think too much at the time, I was just afraid of failing to catch him.
Image: Mr. Li and his friend reaches out as the child falls while the woman behind screams
Image: The child's hand could be seen close enough
Image: The child falling upside down
Image: Mr. Li successfully catches the one year old baby

This one year old child reportedly climbed out of the window of a second floor window during a storm. Local news reported that the child had stepped onto the latch looking for the mother. Mr. Li, a street vendor who caught the baby says, “it was nothing but just human instinct”. Congrats on the good catch!



Imagine finding yourself in a circumstance that you are wrapped and suffocating in plastic. Well, that was the worst nightmare experienced by poor Neysi Perez, 16 who woke up to find that she is inside a coffin and already buried. She was found with bruises on her fingers and scratches on her forehead suggesting she had desperately tried to get out of the casket but didn't succeed in accomplishing this. She never really had the opportunity to experience the second chance that she had.

 Image above: Neysi Perez, buried alive

What actually happened to Neysi Perez that fateful night?
The married teenager who was by then 3 months pregnant was said to have gone to the toilet outside her home at La Entrada, western Honduras. She was reported to have fallen unconscious in what was believed to be an apparent panic attack after she heard a burst of gunfire. But, as she was seen foaming from her mouth, her religious parents called for the local priest for an exorcism as they had believed she was possessed by an evil spirit. The relatives narrated how the priest tried to exorcise her but as she became lifeless, they then rushed her to a hospital where she was pronounced dead 3 hours later.

Her grieving husband, Rudy Gonzales narrates…
She was then buried in her wedding dress. A day after the burial, her husband, Rudy Gonzales visited her grave where she was buried, the La Entrada General Cemetery. He said, “I was heartbroken because my sweetheart was taken so suddenly from me. I wanted to be near her. As I put my hand on the grave, I could hear noises inside. First, I heard banging, and then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help. It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope.”

The cemetery worker Jesus Villanueva heard some sounds but chose to ignore it…
From this day on, cemetery worker, Jesus will never look at screaming sounds lightly even if the sounds are heard at the middle of the night. Jesus Villanueva said, “I convinced myself that the screams were coming from somewhere else. I never imagined that there was someone alive there. That afternoon, the girl’s husband came begging me to get her out because she was still alive. He was hysterical. The family were soon here and started breaking through the tomb, shouting her name.”

 Image above: Family members opening the coffin

The family members tried to revive her but it was too late…
Ms. Perez was taken to the nearest hospital at San Pedro Sula still in her coffin. The medics tried to revive her though all the tests that they carried out on her proved that she was clinically dead. As Dr. Claudia Lopez narrated, “the whole family rushed in, almost breaking the door down, carrying the girl in the casket”. She told them to take her out from the casket and put her on bed. “Everybody was claiming she was alive, so I went through all the necessary procedures. We evaluated and tried everything but the girl was already dead. They put her back in the coffin and took her away again, back to the cemetery.”

Her family members and relatives lament:
Carolina Perez, her cousin said that,” Once we taken her out of the tomb, I put my hand on her body. She was still warm and I felt a faint heartbeat. She had scratches on her forehead and bruises on her fingers. It looked like she had desperately tried to get out of the casket and hurt herself.”

Maria Gutierrez, Neysi’s mother firmly believes that her daughter was buried alive and blames medics for being too quick to sign her death certificate. The doctors declared her dead but everybody else around me kept telling me that she wasn’t. She didn’t look like she had died. Even after a day in the tomb, the colour of her body was normal, her corpse didn’t smell, she just looked like she was in a deep sleep. There were no signs of rigor mortis, her body was still flexible, it was impossible that she had been dead for so many hours. We were all so happy. I thought I was going to get my daughter back

What the doctors believe:
Doctors believe that Ms. Perez had suffered a severe panic attack which could have temporarily stopped her heart activity. A second hypothesis is that the teenager had a cataplexy attack which is an abrupt temporary loss of voluntary muscle function typically triggered by strong emotional stimulus such as stress or fear during which the victim maintains full consciousness awareness. She may then have died from lack of oxygen after waking up in the closed coffin.

Image aboveNeysi Perez
What is the importance of hypothesis when a life is already lost? No matter what the hypothesis is, when a life is already gone, it is just too late to matter. It is easy to come up with hypothesis when it doesn’t matter anymore. I’d rather if they know this hypothesis by heart and know what to do when it ought to be done which mean preventing a life from being lost in vain. A child never got to see the world because the fetus was barely 3 months old. A potential father never got the opportunity to build a life with his beloved wife because she left too soon in a way that will haunt his feelings for a very long time until he gets over it. If the family members did not think much of evil spirits, and rushed her to the hospital immediately, perhaps the Neysi Perez would still be alive today. Anyway, it is too late for now. Rest in peace, Neysi Perez.

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