I am reminded of the song, “It’s raining men, Haleluyah it’s raining men … from the Weather Girls once again. While the Ringgit Malaysia is further taking a plunge down to 3.91, motorists travelling along the Bukit Timah Expressway were treated with an unlikely find, RM50 Ringgits spread all over the road. It was a free treat for everyone crossing the road at that time except for a moneychanger who became RM150 000 poorer that fateful day.

What actually happened?
A 24 year old moneychanger who was riding a motorcycle forgot to zip his bag carrying the money. I do not know what else he forgot to zip but the money flew from the moneychanger’s bag while he was on his way to meet a client at the Orchard Road. The incident took place around 6.20 pm. In just about 5 minutes after the money flew out, the money changer got a call from his father informing him that there’s people collecting money at the BK Expressway and that the money could probably be his. On hearing this, the moneychanger sped to the place. The poor guy was only able to retrieve a single RM50 note from the spot, the rest was all gone.

In the video below, the money can be seen sprawled all over the highway. Some motorists can be seen stopping to pick while others are already busy collecting the money. Still, there were others who simply chose to drive away leaving the spot probably because there were avoiding the impending dangers of doing so or simply because they are not interested to take what is not theirs. A motorcyclist could be seen taking a diversion from the right side to left stopping the cars while doing so. Another man was picking the notes on the road while some cars were seen to be speeding.

That’s like a one year salary for a Senior Managers (variance depending on the organization) who earn about RM12.5k a month. That’s pretty much a sum for the average Malaysian who earn far below than that figure. The lower wage earners in Malaysia as set by the minimum wage standards, currently stands at RM900. So, a year's salary (13 months salary including bonus) for these workers excluding the overtime and allowances would be RM11.7K only which is still far from drawing a 12.5k a month.

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