Skeleton Rides Bike.....

There's nothing mystical or supernatural about this Skeleton though. Except that, some of the respondents would have put runner Carl Lewis to shame. Hope this will cheer you up.

Third eye Meditation

Just sharing a video explaining what is 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation all about.
It is almost self-explanatory.

Meditational State

The Riot Dog

Photo: The dog barking at the riot Police.
(They are too busy to notice this dog)

I came across an interesting news about a dog. I don’t know what to call it, wonder dog or a confused dog. This incident took place in Greece. Amidst the protesters marching, this dog mysteriously never misses an occasion to take part in these protests too. And it is not with the good side of the law. Should we call him a bandit dog? Well, this dog already has a few nick-names such as the "rebel dog", "protest dog" and "riot dog" & already found it's way to the facebook. There is even a fan page dedicated to this dog.

Photo: Dog seen in Action. Fire-bomb thrown & the dog jumps to protest. But actually, this startled dog seen here seems to be reacting to a tear gas bomb exploding. Probably is screaming in pain, too. (A pitiful sight!)

Photo: The protesters may have fled the fire but the privileged dog stayed put.
Hmmmm...this is one "hot dog".

Photo:This time around the dog barks catches the attention of 3 riot police.
(I wonder what they are thinking...)

The above are some photos captured where this dog was seen in demonstrations & barks at the riot police (protesting God knows what). Where most people are airing their grouses in regards to the economic situation of their country, this dog wants its piece of say, too. Unfortunately, there was no translator for the dog when it made its barking speech that got the standing ovation from both sides of the law.
Ruff, ruff… …wow …ruff..ruff…

For more details, the link:


Cops on graveyard shift duty at Bandar Hilir police station experienced an incident that sent a chilling shock straight to their spines....