The mountain recluse & the beginning of Reiki

Why is it that in many instances, seekers, seers, Rishis or Saints often heard to have chosen to stay in recluse in a mountains & caves? What is that mysterious part about the mountain, hills & caves that keeps pulling these souls to such a place for inspiration? In many instances, we have seen how these souls found answers to their question, found enlightenment & achieved great many things.

I'd like to start with the story of Mr. Mikao Usui (photo below). The founder of Reiki, an art of healing. By now, it comes as no surprise to you that I am going to say that he, too, found his way towards reaching his inspiration through a recluse into the mountains.

Reiki was an ancient art of healing. It was made possible through Dr. Mikao Usui who re-discovered it in the middle of the 19th Century. This is the story of Dr. Usui's search for this secret knowledge.

Dr. Usui went to America & attended the University of Chicago & became a Doctor of Theology. On his return to Japan, he discovered some Sanskrit formulas & symbols in old Buddhist Sutras which seems to have the answers to his questions. At that time he was living in a monastery in Kyoto, Japan & has undergone training as a Zen Buddhist for 3 years. On one fine day, somewhere in 1922, he finally asked his Zen Master how to attain Spiritual enlightenment after not making much progress. To his question, the master answered in 3 words, not "I Love You" but......"Die one time".
I would have got a jolting shock if people ask you to die when you ask them a question;)

In Mikao's case, he seemed to have understood what was the intrinsic message meant by his teacher and so set forth his journey towards Mount Kuriyama. He went there with a steadfast mind to fast for 21 days until he finds enlightenment...".
(a strict spiritual practice called "Shyu Gyo" which includes meditation & fasting for 21 days)

On the arrival at the mountain, he placed 21 stones to help him take account the passing number of each day. Nothing much happened each day until the 21st day, something extraordinary took place. It was still quite dark at the time when he saw a light approaching towards him at great speed. It grew bigger & bigger until it hit right at the middle of his forehead. He first thought that he was going to die until
he saw millions of colors....." (I'll stop here)

That was the beginning of the Usui system of Reiki which is still around and practised by practitioners of Reiki today. On the way back down the mountain, he stubbed his toe which resulted in bleeding. He held it in his hands for a few minutes & the bleeding just stopped & the pain disappeared. This was the first miracle realised by him after his 21 days pursuit.

Soon after, he was able to cure many kinds of ailment. He passed on his knowledge to others & soon many learned the art & could perform healing too. Such painstaking process one has to go through to attain mastery of a subject. I thought to myself, if I had put in a little effort during my school days, I would have got better grades in my maths. (;)) Anyone know any mountains that are safe from animals & crazy insects?


King Kong, Monsters & Giant Humans...

What is this about the size that mankind always seems mesmerised until they come up with such doctored photos in the internet? Does size really matter? (Maybe.... at the right time & in the right place?) When I was small there was King Kong the Movie which was filmed back in the 1950's I guess. Then in the 70's they came up with the same King Kong again snatching a woman & taking her to the woods. And just recently, another King Kong movie was made. This time, the film was modified to include other Giants too such as Dinosaurs, T-Rex, Centipedes etc, etc.

In the 70's we have been exposed to Monsters & Ultraman. In Ultraman, in every episode, there is a monster just waiting for it's turn to come out from the earth. (Back in my own yard, I only see worms coming out from the soil). So, no job for Ultraman over here.

On my way back home, I do come across some banners & advertistments by the road. They are trying to sell products that enlarge certain parts of human body for pleasure or beauty. Nothing about skeletons but the theme is about bigger size here again. Hmmm... I don't know what to say about this, anymore.

Recently, a friend sent me a mail plus photo attachments of a news report claimed to have originated in Chennai, India. The mail also had photo clips of the report to "validate" the "news". The media report claims that this ancient discovery was made by National Geographic(India Division). The location of the discovery is said to be from the Northern region of India. I realised that the date was not mentioned. Anyway, I thought it would be an interesting read, so I shared it at this site.

After I posted it, another friend, the Bluesman pointed out the truth about the claims. Feeling disgusted with my naivety, I probed the site & discovered that it is doctored. Immediately, the post was removed from my blog. "No space for such untruths," I said to myself.

Well, today another friend shared with me another mail with giant sized skeletons. Would I be fooled again? As expected, I did some searching & walla...I saw the truth, the whole bony truth & nothing else than the naked skeleton truth. Therefore, the post I cancelled is re-posted with a different title, theme & added hoax relating to human skeletons.

HERE ARE THE PHOTOS OF HOAX NO 1: Skeleton remains of Mahabarata - Chennai, INDIA.


So, the last 6 sets of photo is supposedly have been discovered in South East of Turkey at the Euphrates valley where many tombs of the giants were said to be uncovered. Great Find, yeah. What is the next story? Godzilla were actually household pets of the giant humans when dogs were too small to be spotted?

My sincere apologies to my fellow bloggers, TJ, Lita & LifesHighway for earlier posting about the story without checking the authencity of the news.

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