Out of Body Experiences...

Have you ever had a dream as if you were flying? Have you seen yourself floating in mid-air & watching yourself sleep. Have you had dreams of seeing yourself walking through solid barriers? If you have answered "Yes" to any one of these questions above, chances are that you might just have recalled one of your own "Out-of-Body-Experiences" (aka OOBE).

Understanding OOBE?
When your spirit body detaches from your physical body, that is the beginning of your journey. Many who have had such an experience do claim to have seen a silver thread or cord connecting from their physical body to their astral body. People who are departed are reported as not possessing this "silver cord".

Near Death Experiences
Some have reported seeing their body when undergoing surgery or operation. Some people have experienced seeing their liveless body during an accident. A friend of my brother once told my brother that he saw himself floating in mid-air after an accident. He saw onlookers at the scene, his vehicle & his own body lying on the road...lifeless. On seeing his own body, he was so shocked and the next moment he was gasping for breath & full of pain.

Can you see a person who is in Astral Form?
No. Not directly. You either have to be a "Clairvoyant" or in an Astral form yourself to see another person in his Astral Form.

Can you induce yourself for an out of body experience?
Yes. There are many techniques available. One of the prominent figure in this subject, Monroe has developed some techniques to achieve this.

So, what would you be able to do when you are having an Out of Body Experience?

1. Able to Leap Tall Bulidings in a Single Bound;
(Move)Faster than a Single Bullet
.....just like a Superman, but there won't be anyone to see you do that.
Nope, you can't stop moving trains like Spiderman or Superman either ;)

2. Able to walk through the Great Wall of China just like David Copperfield.
But there won't be anyone to cheer you at the end of your feat ;)
Cos' there will be no one watching you.
Maybe dead spirits wondering what you are trying to achieve :)

3. Vacations for FREE.
Able to travel to exotic places...Pyramid, Hawaii or anywhere!
No flight charges or duty charges. No passports required.
It has become a borderless world, just like the internet.

4. Become an astronaut without a space shuttle. Fly right to the destination.

5. Meeting Spiritual Masters.
This is interesting.

Now, ..... me doing Astral travelling? Nay, Never!
I have been excited about it when I was 15 yrs old. I had tried several methods but never succeeded. It is a spooky experience. I wouldn't advice this to anyone who is afraid of ghosts.

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The mystery of the Floating Mat in Mosque

Just 3 days ago a mystifying incident took place in a mosque in Trengganu, Malaysia. The Crystal Mosque, as it is known, has attracted quite a lot of local public interest after the strange incident took place. Thanks to the advancement of Technology, a lady was able to capture this incident with her mobile phone camera.

The photo shows the carpet slowly inching, oblivious to the man, in prayers.

The photo has sparked fears among the rural folks who might believe it to be the work of evil spirits or genies, haunting the mosques. However, the chief "Imam", Uztaz Azizi Saidi dismisses this as hardly a phenomenon. He claims that such occurences have also taken place in Saudi Arabia. He believes that this is a sign that Muslims are distancing themselves from prayers.

(Source: The Star, June 30th, 2009)


Cops on graveyard shift duty at Bandar Hilir police station experienced an incident that sent a chilling shock straight to their spines....