Brooke Greenberg - The 16 year old girl that stopped growing...

First of all, my apologies for my silence as i was very tied up with my project assignment. I was doing between 3-5 hrs sleep daily on workdays and work longer on weekends to complete a write up. It's good to be back again. Hope things will get back normal. And also time to catch up on my lost sleep.

Anyway, today's post is something  sad i came to learn about. It is about a 16 year old girl who appears to look like a toddler. Her name is Brooke Greenberg. Doctors/Scientists can't find anything abnormal about her except that she may shed some light on how humans age. I felt a pity for her parents who are aging. There is a photo that shows her dad carrying her. How the parents may be concerned for her as they age and some fine day may pass on one fine day. Their worrying concerns could be who is going to look after their child once they are no longer around to take care of her.

Photo: Brooke when she was 1 yr old with her 2 elder sisters then, Caitlin-4yrs old & Emily 8 yrs old.

Photo: Brooke when she was 3 yrs old

Photo above: Latest picture of Brooke 16 carried by her younger sister Carla 13 yrs old.

Although she appears like a toddler, only her nails and hair are seen to grow. She has baby teeth but her bone age is estimated 10 years old. Her body is not developing as a coordinated unit but as independent parts that are out of sync, says a doctor from University of South Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Richard Walker.

There is one more fascinating fact about this little wonder child. There was a point of time when she was diagnosed with brain tumor. At that time, she slept continuously for 14 days and awoke with the missing tumor. In another incident, she had a brain seizure which doctors thought to be stroke which she recovered well without any physical damage to herself.

I hope she recovers and leads a normal life and age like everybody else.

Source: ABC News
More pictures of Brooke here:


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