LABUAN: A traditional Silat display at a wedding turned bloody when one of the exponents stabbed his 'opponent' with a keris, killing him.
Mohd Amil Zulkarnain, 17, was performing a silat routine for a wedding ceremony at Kampung Patau-Patau here on Saturday when the incident occurred.
While performing a mock duel with his cousin, Amil was accidentally stabbed in the left chest by the curved blade. He was rushed to the hospital but died on the treatment table.
The keris, a traditional Malay weapon, is usually regarded as extremely lethal due to its 'wavy' blade structure, which does not permit wounds to close easily.
Labuan acting police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Ghani said they received a report from the hospital on the incident at 1.23pm on Saturday. “Initial investigation revealed that the suspect, who is the victim’s cousin, was performing the silat with Mohd Amil about 11.20am. “During the course of the performance, the suspect is believed to have stabbed the victim,” he said.
He said suspect has been detained for further investigation.The case is being investigated under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code of causing death by negligence.
Video above: The last moments of the mock battle that took a life in vain. An unexpected turn of event that will haunt the surviving youth, Amil for the rest of his life. Hope and pray that he will overcome the ordeal.



 Image above: Can the dead be sending whatsapp messages without internet connection?

Former classmates of a recently deceased man remain puzzled over a message they apparently received from him on their WhatsApp chat group – after his death.

The chat group of 53-year-olds, comprising 19 former students of Banda Hilir English Primary School here, was shocked to receive a message from Yong Soo Fah a day after he died of a heart attack while holidaying in Langkawi on Oct 9.

Lim Dow Toon, said the message read: “Come start happy now all my F.. I go F.”
Mak, another classmate believed that the message could mean: “Be happy, all my friends.. I go first.”

Lim Dow Toon, an ex-classmate said the message was posted in the group chat at 1.45pm the next day when Yong’s body was being transported back for the wake here. Lim said he had known Yong since Standard One and the latter was a precise and meticulous man who never posted such short messages in the chat group.
Initially, they thought one of his relatives had sent the message. “But when we asked the family, they said they were too busy preparing for the wake to do so. “They also told us that Yong’s mobile phone was switched off soon after he passed away,” he related.

Lim and his friends were even more baffled when a relative of Yong revealed a few days later that only their group had received the message among the dozen other groups that Yong belonged to, after they switched on his phone to check on the allegation.

Mak Chee Kin, another of the former classmates, said there was also confusion after Yong’s demise. “Condolence messages poured in a few hours after Yong’s passing. But then I was shocked to see a message from the deceased himself,” he said.

Mak said he then posted another message on the chat group, saying: ‘Thank God, Yong is alive, this is a terrible joke.’ “However, my friends called me to confirm that Yong had indeed died,” he added.

It has been more than a week since that message and Yong’s primary school mates continue to be perplexed over the matter. “It remains a mystery why the message was only sent to our group,” said Mak.



Catholics are gathering at a church in Subang Jaya to witness claims that a statue of Virgin Mary is growing taller, smiling, and at times, shedding tears.

Video above: Church of St. Thomas More

Parishioners turned up at the Church of St Thomas More were awed by the phenomenon that has become the talk of the community. 

Image above: Virgin Mary statue at Church of St Thomas More in Subang Jaya

 Image above: Virgin Mary statue at Church of St Thomas More in Subang Jaya

 Image above:Virgin Mary statue at Church of St Thomas More in Subang Jaya

 The images above are also making its rounds at the Facebook.

According to a WhatsApp message that has been circulating, the church had a grotto built with the statue of the Virgin Mary who is the mother of Jesus Christ.  

However, for some of the parishioners, the statue was too small for the grotto. It was then placed into a box.  
When it was due to be blessed last Wednesday, they said a parish priest noticed an unusual occurrence - the statue made of polyresin had turned to porcelain and grew taller by three inches (7.2cm). 
In a three-minute video clip believed to be taken during Sunday Mass at the church, a parishioner was seen addressing the congregation where he claimed to have witnessed the “miracle". 

“Her eyes were moving very slowly, all of us were there and we saw it. 
“The father (the priest) was saying, ‘look at her, she’s looking at us. She was full of life, she had a lot of tears in her eyes.' “When we started singing ‘Ave Maria’, she started smiling and her lips were moving. 
“It has touched all of us,” the man said, adding that parishioners started taking photographs of the statute during the incident.  

“The father had told us that he actually spoke to her. She will come more often, she also told father that she wants all of us to pray to her,” he claimed in the video. 

Father Raymond Pereira was unavailable for comment.

This message first appeared on facebook of St. Thomas More:
Dear Catholic friends,

I took these pictures on Wednesday, 7th October 2015 after the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes was installed in the new grotto together with the statue of St Bernadette. It seemed to me that Our Lady's eyes were downcast in the first picture, but in the second picture she appears to be looking up. I put it down to a slight difference in angles.

Today after mass, we heard testimonies from a parishioner as well as from our parish priest, Rev Fr Raymond Pereira, of how they, together with a group of other parishioners, had witnessed Our Lady turning & tilting her head to look at them & smiling with tear-filled eyes.

Please pray the Rosary daily & pray for Our Lady to intercede for us, for justice & peace in our community, our country & in the world. Amen.

The following 2 photos accompanied the post above:



Just in case if you are getting bored with your stationery treadmill, or watching TV while exercising the treadmill no longer excites you, you may consider yet another option that while still walking on a belt but able to enjoy mother nature as well when you do so.

Video above: The fruit of an imagination that came to reality

It is an electric bike that looks like a bicycle but moves like a scooter when you walk on the belt. It so happened on one fine day when Bruin Bergmeester from Valthe thought to himself while using his treadmill in his fitness room “why not I bring the treadmill outdoors?” The rest was history when he created what came to his mind as an idea into a reality.

Image above: Bergmeester taking a stroll with his invention accompanied by his wife

The bike moves forward when you walk on a belt simulating the treadmill. Only difference here is that a small electro motor is added to ensure the bike goes rather fast and don’t bore you when your pace slows down. The first bike was built in his own living room during a winter where his wife also assisted.



An interesting exchange that has Wafa Sultan, an Arab American Psychologist versus Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli aired over al-Jazeera TV.

Video of the debate between the two:

A brief but interesting synopsis of the debate:

Wafa Sultan:
The clash we are witnessing around the world is not a clash of religions or a clash of civilizations.
It is a clash between the two opposites, between two eras.
It is a clash between a mentality belonging to Middle Ages & a mentality belonging to 21st Century.
It is a clash between civilization and backwardness between barbarity and rationality.
It is a clash between freedom and oppression between democracy and dictatorship.
It is a clash between human rights on one hand and a violation of these rights on another hand.
It is a clash between those who treat women like beasts and those that treat them like human beings.

What we see today is not a clash of civilizations. Civilizations do not clash but compete.

I understand from your words that what is happening today is a clash between the culture of the West and the backwardness and the ignorance of the Muslims.

Wafa Sultan:
Yes, that is what I mean.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli
At the start, I state that no one has the right to define or delineate concepts that no individual can determine or apply.
What is your understanding of civilization?
What is the definition of civilization?

…..and the debate goes on where Al-Khouli and the host seem to be speaking mostly on what they belief is true. The slot was mostly dominated by Dr. Ibrahim somehow lacking clarity where he emotionally counters Wafa with questions like “Can man be a woman and woman becomes a man? The earth to be the sky and the sky to be earth” clearly lacking his skills to control his emotion and put forth his argument in a productive way.



Cops on graveyard shift duty at Bandar Hilir police station experienced an incident that sent a chilling shock straight to their spines....