10 year old boy masters more than 400 languages

Who could believe that a 10 year old could master 400 languages? Muhamad Akram who hails from Chennai, India started to learn foreign languages since he was 4 years old. He has achieved Unique World Records Certificate as the “World’s Youngest Multilingual Typist”.

Image above: Akram has tremendous learning ability when it comes to languages

How it started
He says, “The first language that I learnt was Tamil language. It was a handwritten transcript from Saint Thiruvalluvar. I learnt this at the age of four. From then onwards, I learnt a series of other languages. He has undergone tutoring for both reading and writing of the languages.

Conceptualization of a 10 year old boy upon language mastery.
He invented his own language with characters and names it “Attan”. 

Image above: Akram showing off his skills. Amazing memory and comprehension

Akram’s father shares his wisdom to other parents.
Akram’s father says, “Never force your ambitions on your children. Instead, find out what they are interested in and nurture these interests.” He has facilitated his son’s interests to learn languages upon learning his ability to quickly grasp the languages at unbelievable speed.

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