Saturday, February 25, 2017

10 year old boy masters more than 400 languages

Who could believe that a 10 year old could master 400 languages? Muhamad Akram who hails from Chennai, India started to learn foreign languages since he was 4 years old. He has achieved Unique World Records Certificate as the “World’s Youngest Multilingual Typist”.

Image above: Akram has tremendous learning ability when it comes to languages

How it started
He says, “The first language that I learnt was Tamil language. It was a handwritten transcript from Saint Thiruvalluvar. I learnt this at the age of four. From then onwards, I learnt a series of other languages. He has undergone tutoring for both reading and writing of the languages.

Conceptualization of a 10 year old boy upon language mastery.
He invented his own language with characters and names it “Attan”. 

Image above: Akram showing off his skills. Amazing memory and comprehension

Akram’s father shares his wisdom to other parents.
Akram’s father says, “Never force your ambitions on your children. Instead, find out what they are interested in and nurture these interests.” He has facilitated his son’s interests to learn languages upon learning his ability to quickly grasp the languages at unbelievable speed.

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Monday, December 21, 2015


LABUAN: A traditional Silat display at a wedding turned bloody when one of the exponents stabbed his 'opponent' with a keris, killing him.
Mohd Amil Zulkarnain, 17, was performing a silat routine for a wedding ceremony at Kampung Patau-Patau here on Saturday when the incident occurred.
While performing a mock duel with his cousin, Amil was accidentally stabbed in the left chest by the curved blade. He was rushed to the hospital but died on the treatment table.
The keris, a traditional Malay weapon, is usually regarded as extremely lethal due to its 'wavy' blade structure, which does not permit wounds to close easily.
Labuan acting police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Ghani said they received a report from the hospital on the incident at 1.23pm on Saturday. “Initial investigation revealed that the suspect, who is the victim’s cousin, was performing the silat with Mohd Amil about 11.20am. “During the course of the performance, the suspect is believed to have stabbed the victim,” he said.
He said suspect has been detained for further investigation.The case is being investigated under Section 304(a) of the Penal Code of causing death by negligence.
Video above: The last moments of the mock battle that took a life in vain. An unexpected turn of event that will haunt the surviving youth, Amil for the rest of his life. Hope and pray that he will overcome the ordeal.