Satelite images of Ramayana bridge believed 17 500 yrs old

The following are images captured by NASA Satelite believed to be the Ramayana bridge as depicted in the ancient Hindu scriptures connecting between India and Sri Lanka. According to the story, the bridge was built by an army of Lord Rama in pursuit of Sita who was captured by the evil Ravana.

The bridge is made of chain of shoals estimated at 30 km. The curvature of the bridge seems to suggest that it was built by man. Perhaps, the undercurrent may have done some movement of the shoals bringing about the curved outlook of the bridge. It draws intrigue regarding the ancient technology or methodology employed that seems to pass the test of time.

The Floating Rock
The rock below weighing 15Kg is believed to be what is remained of the enormous sized rocks once used in the ancient days to build the bridge connecting to Sri Lanka which floats in the water. Could this be held proof that the Ramayana bridge which calls for more research? This rock was brought in from Hanuman Temple from Rameshwaram, India. It was told that during a massive cyclone in 1964, many stones from Ram Setu was found scattered near Rameshwaram.

The video below gives a clearer view of the floating stone which was once believed to be used to build this bridge:

Are there anymore mysteries or artifact lying under the seabed yearning for its discovery. This may be an opportunity for archeologist to study about this civilization from the days of shore. Perhaps history can teach us something that we have forgotten over time. Only time will tell.

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Dog versus Shark

Today, something more of a light stuff. It is unusual to see a dog wanting to pound on a shark. Which of these two species have a larger mouth opening with more number of teeth. The answer is obvious. The common between the two among many, a pair of  and a tail comes instantly to the mind. However, the differences between the two are too many to mention. It may get boring if one begins to get on the anatomical details.

Here are the light introduction:

On the Blue Corner weighing God knows how many pounds, introducing the Shark aka the Shark.
On the Brown Corner weighing probably 20 pounds, introducing the dog, aka the "brown dog".


The Flying girl from Russia

Most of us have seen witches flying with brooms or Super heroes flying. Kids watching will try to often emulate without success. However, it was a different case with a kid, a little girl from Russia. This footage that you are about to see was accidentally caught by an amateur cameraman who videotaped the event while taking his dog out for a walk. In fact, it was the dog that lead him to the scene. The girl was just hovering on the air about 10 feet off the ground defying the laws of gravity. On seeing the cameraman, the girl and her mother immediately fled from the scene.

You can see it for yourself in this video that was broadcasted in a local TV station in the vicinity.

Here is another one with the shaking stabilized for a clearer view:

Well, it seems like Science have taught us that man have only 5 physical senses. This video may suggest further studies about the capabilities unknown to mankind and not taught in this little girl school going syllabus. Just food for thought.


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