Tibetan Sky Burial

First Photo above: The body is prepared for "Sky Burial".

Second photo (below): The bones are crushed.

Third photo Below: Flour is added before fed to the onlookers, "the Vultures"

The following is a footage of the burial rites in Tibet. The people here practise a ritual known as Sky burial. It is the usual means for disposing of the dead. The corpse is offered to the vultures, known as Dakinis, the Tibetan equivalent of angels.

Some of the explanations i picked up:
1. The person who chops the body is known as tokden "realized one" or free of attachment.He is thouroughly professional. Family member do not do this job. It is neccessary to make pieces of bones and meat so that at nothing is left behind. All the remaining bones, including skull is crushed and mixed with baked barley" tsampa" and brain of the deceased and fed to the vultures at the end of the day

2. The Tokdens who perform sky burial are not necessarily monks. They do their job without repugnance and attachment.Most of them are lay pratitioners who have good knowledge of cho.Cho is a Budhist practice of offering ones body in prayer and visualization while alive, to help subdue ones ego and clinging. Accomplished Tokdens cut the corpse in Mandala style before he perform Cho to invite the vultures.

3. The person who took the video claims he heard an eerie singing voice (which can be heard at the beginning of the footage). There was no music added, according to him.

The video footage below:

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