Remote Viewing

The ability I'd like to write about today is a subject called remote viewing. No, it is not remote control gadget for the electronic appliances such as TV, DVD player, fan, air-conditioner, etc. It is a subjective topic of a perceived ability of the mind. The person (remote viewer) tries to sense an object (also called "target") which is usually located far & not visible within the perimeter of an eye's vision. In another words, using ESP (extra sensory perception) to obtain information in a far distant place.

Graphic below: No,... remote viewing is not about remote controls.

One of the well known proponents of remote viewing is Russel Targ, a para-psychologist.
See photo below.

Here is Russel Targ's story:
"One day, while we were working with Pat Price, he didn't arrive for the scheduled experiment. So, in the spirit of the show must go on, I spontaneously decided to undertake the remote viewing myself. Prior to that, I had been only an interviewer and facilitator for such trials. In this series we were trying to describe the day-to-day activities of Hal Puthoff as he traveled through Columbia, in South America. We would not receive any feedback until he returned, and I therefore had no clues at all as to what he was doing. I closed my eyes and immediately had an image of an island airport. The surprisingly accurate sketch I drew is shown below. What we learned from this trial, is that even a scientist can be psychic, when the necessity level is high enough."

Sketch above was produced by physicist Russell Targ, when he spontaneously took the role of remote viewer in the absence of psychic Pat Price.

Photo above shows the target, which was an airport on an island off San Andres, Columbia. Targ correctly saw, "Ocean at the end of a runway."

So, what exactly is the grand deal about the remote viewing, one may ask. Actually, it is no big deal but can be a big deal if one really can perform such a feat. After all, Einstein did once say that the average humans use less than 9% of the total capacity of the mind. It would bring no harm to add another % to enrich the capabilities that one can have.

Remote Sensing??
Remote viewing is not remote sensing. Remote sensing is a technology involving the use of sensors placed on platform moving at a far distance from earth's surface and it can be used for collecting data of the earth for the purposes of inventorying and monitoring.Technology refers to satellite, computer, image processing application, etc. Sensors consists of multi spectral electro-optical, radar, laser, camera, etc. Finally, the platform used for this technology are satellites, aircraft, balloons, etc. and certainly has nothing to do with the ability of the mind. One special features of this remote sensing is however is that it provides a bird's eye view coverage of large areas providing simultaneous different spatial information which is very suitable for integrated development planning & monitoring. Funny, I think the satellite viewing should be named remote viewing instead of sensing & vice-versa.

Photo above: Remote sensing via satellites.

As i was thinking....
What would a person do if suddenly the person finds he/she is capable of pinpointing a target with great accuracy?

Would he/she begin to look for the "pot of gold" under the rainbow?

Photo: Is there really a pot of gold under the rainbow?

Finding out the archaeological sites that are yet to be discovered. There are many hills, mountains & jungles. Quite a number have been discovered with startling stories to tell, such as the Bujang Valley & the Kota Gelanggi, Kumari Kandam, Machu-Pichu, etc.

What are the possibilities or percentage of locating missing persons? Possibility of crime victims, or rapists. Some victims are barely teenagers & yet they fall prey to this unsuspecting criminals. The recent body of a school girl who was only partly covered happened to be a rape victim. Another most unforgettable, disheartening & heart-breaking incident is the infamous Nurin-Jazlin's brutal rape & murder which took place in 2007. (See Nurin Jazlin's pix below).

If only the child- parent both could communicate telepathically to the other or if remote-viewing is really reliable with accurate results, could the tragedy be avoided...?

Finding the exact hide-out of the kidnappers location? Some victims are lucky yet some are not gifted enough to see through the next day when ransom money fails to be delivered.

However, this are but just mere possibilities. The fact remains that this phenomenon could not yet be proved with sufficient evidence or intelligible accuracy. The data produced by the remote viewer seems to contain a lot of erroneous data & is very vague. Not much of help. The CIA sponsored about USD50k as early as 1972 to conduct studies & research of it's use for intelligence purpose. In 1995, the CIA started a 20 million dollar project called the "Stargate Project". However, when the program results were not encouraging, the idea was dropped the same year. It still leaves much to be desired.

What would you do if you are endowed with such an ability?

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