Resurrecting the dead: Benevolent Missionary Association cult.

Life After death has been a subject that has gained the attention of mankind from the days of Yore. From the ancient age of the Pharaohs we have been introduced with Mummies who are yet to awaken from their sleep & their pots of Gold still lying there as good as they were & unaffected by age. But seriously, can men really defy age and reverse the process of death? Is there really is a mechanism that has ever succeeded since time immemorial?

Here's an interesting story! This is a TRUE STORY (news)
Once upon a time, there lived a cult in a far far place (not too far) called Penampang, in city of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. This cult had a leader among them whom they trusted to possess Jesus Christ like powers. About 13 months ago, this leader of Benevolent Missionary Association cult, Ching Chi Vui @ Ivan who was 37 yrs then had died prematurely to causes which are still under investigation.

Yesterday, the local Police authorities stormed at a house in a residential area to find his body wrapped in plastic bag. The condition of his body was highly decomposed & there weren't unlikely any signs of resurrection much likely to take place. Although the body was badly decomposed, funny though that the neighbors did not smell any stench from the air.

The followers were trying to revive him for the past 13 months by inciting prayers tirelessly. At the time the Police stormed the house, 3 ladies were seen busy in prayers. As I read this, I wondered what makes a person go on doing such an impossible feat to such an extent? Is it blind love to the Spiritual Master? Hypnotism? Lower level education thus easily conned? Or the "Master" may have acquired some Psychic abilities that enabled him to perform some tricks or feats which was enough for this people to believe that he was a Saint or a Prophet?

While the "Sisters" were busy trying to bring light to the dead, they forgot to pay the dues to the authorities that provide them light at night. The Electricity & Power has been cut-off for some time but their Operation Chanting continued till the wee hours of the morning. This didn't go down too well with the local residents who lodged a Police Report & the rest was history.

The Final Message of this Spiritual Leader:-
"Not to bury him on his death as he would come back to life".

The Final Say from his avid Follower!!:-
"Do not Touch Him or you may risk his chances of returning from the DEAD"!!

The Latest Progress:-
Post-Mortem is being carried out to determine the "Prophet's cause of Death!

I think this would make an ideal story for another CSI or CSI Miami episode.

SOURCE: The Star


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