Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the Buddha boy re-emerges on 10th November 2008.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon nicknamed
"Buddha Boy" is a Nepalese boy born in Ratnapuri Village, District of Bara, Nepal on 9th April 1990. His official Buddhist name is however "Palden Dorje". The locals believe that he is the next reincarnation of Lord Buddha. It is reported that his mother fainted when she found out that her son meditated for an undefined period of time. His mother's name is Maya Devi Tamang, the same first name as Buddha's mother.

He began to attract thousands of visitors daily & also media attention after word spread out that he has been spending months on meditation. He first began meditating on the 16th May 2005 and disappeared on 11th March the following year. However, he was spotted in the same country that year on the Boxer's Day but strangely disappearing on 8th March 2007. His twice disappearance so far falls in the same month, the 3rd month of the Gregorian calendar. However, this disappearance mystique was quickly dispelled when he was spotted meditating in a ditch by the Police of Ratnapuri.

Why does he disappear?
There is a reason for his disappearance. On 19th March, in 2006, a group of Bomjon's followers met with him about 3 kilometers southwest of his meditation site. They say they spoke to him for 1/2 hour, during which Bomjan said "there is no peace here" and that he would return in 6 years. He left a message for his parents telling them not to worry.

Does Bomjon knows people look up on him as Buddha's incarnate?
On the 8th of November 2005 Bomjon arose and said to the public, "Tell the people not to call me a Buddha. I don't have the Buddha's energy. I am at the level of a rinpoche." A rinpoche is the level of a teacher, which indicates he believes he has achieved a significant amount. He said that he will need six more years of meditation before he may become a Buddha.

What does his followers have to say?
According to his followers, Bomjon may have reached the stage of a "bodhisattva", a person on the path to attaining full enlightenment of buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. According to the historical Buddha, Gautama Buddha, there were innumberable Buddhas before him and infinite Buddhas to come in future. Proponents also claim that Bomjon might also be the emanation of Maitreya Bodhisattva, the predicted successor to the historical Buddha.
The Boy with Divine Powers...
In 2007, the Discovery Channel produced a documentary titled The Boy With Divine Powers. On their first, four-day attempt, the film crew was required to stay outside a guarded barbed-wire fence, and their camera's infrared capabilities did not pick up evidence of a body at the base of the tree where Bomjon sat during their non-stop recording. On a second attempt a few weeks later, however, the film crew was able to film Ram continuously for 96 hours, day and night, during which time he did not drink any fluids or eat any food. According to scientists on the documentary, an average person would be expected to die from kidney failure after four days without drinking any fluids. The boy showed no signs of classical physical deterioration caused by dehydration. A close inspection conducted by the film crew of the area around the tree where Ram was sitting, no hidden water or food pipes were found.

Young Bomjon's Preachings...
On 2nd August 2007 Bomjon addressed a large crowd in Hallori jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal. The Namo Buddha Tapoban Committee, which is devoted to looking after Bomjon, assembled the meeting. A notice about the boy's first-ever preaching was broadcast by a local FM radio station, and the committee also invited people by telephone. Around 3000 people gathered to listen to Bomjon's address. A video of the event has also surfaced.

His Message:
Bomjon's message was "The only way we can save this nation is through spirituality". His speech goes as follows:

"Murder, violence, greed, anger and temptation have made the human world a desperate place. A terrible storm has descended upon the human world, and this is carrying the world towards destruction. There is only one way to save the world and that is through dharma. When one doesn't walk the righteous path of spiritual practice, this desperate world will surely be destroyed. Therefore, follow the path of spirituality and spread this message to your fellows.
Never put obstacles, anger and disbelief in the way of my meditation's mission. I am only showing you the way; you must seek it on your own. What I will be, what I will do, the coming days will reveal. Human salvation, the salvation of all living beings, and peace in the world are my goal and my path. "Namo Buddha sangaya, Namo Buddha sangaya, namo sangaya."
I am contemplating on the release of this chaotic world from the ocean of emotion, on our detachment from anger and temptation, without straying from the path for even a moment, I am renouncing my own attachment to my life and my home forever, I am working to save all living beings. But in this undisciplined world, my life's practice is reduced to mere entertainment.
The practice and devotion of many Buddhas is directed at the world's betterment and happiness. It is essential but very difficult to understand that practice and devotion. But though it is easy to lead this ignorant existence, human beings don't understand that one day we must leave this uncertain world and go with the Lord of Death. Our long attachments with friends and family will dissolve into nothingness. We have to leave behind the wealth and property we have accumulated. What's the use of my happiness, when those who have loved me from the beginning, my mother, father, brothers, relatives are all unhappy. Therefore, to rescue all sentient beings, I have to be Buddha-mind, and emerge from my underground cave to do vajra meditation. To do this I have to realize the right path and knowledge, so do not disturb my practice. My practice detaches me from my body, my soul and this existence.
In this situation there will be 72 goddess Kalis. Different gods will be present, along with the sounds of thunder and of "tangur", and all the celestial gods and goddesses will be doing puja (worship).
So until I have sent a message, do not come here, and please explain this to others. Spread spiritual knowledge and spiritual messages throughout the world. Spread the message of world peace to all. Seek a righteous path and wisdom will be yours."

There are so many things on earth that we can never explain and much more that we will never understand. I hope that Ram Bahadur Bomjon succeeds in his endeavor! As about the skeptics, just leave them be as you will find them in any parts of the world in abundance but poor in value of their thoughts. How often do you come across a teenage boy who chooses to delve in spiritualistic journey when hormones go running wild at such age. Life on earth is more than merely making riches in this materialistic world.

The Mystique surrounding the Turin Shroud - Part 2.

How is it that the image in the Turin Shroud which miraculously survived 2000 yrs is able to be produced in a photo negative? Is this a miracle? Blood could not have caused such a stain to produce the whole image that we see in the negative!

The chemists tries to explain...
The explanation is the ammonia from the skin, sweat & as a gaseous form could have left such a stain mark on the shroud.

Another explanation......
The Resurrection caused a supernatural release of energy which resulted in the fabric becoming scorched. This particular theory seems to have some similar echoes from the US Air Force scientists saying that the marks on the shroud appeared to have caused by a "microsecond blast of intense radiation". Radiation??? Where on earth did it come from??

Lab test results....
In 1988, three separate laboratories conducted dating experiments on the tiny samples of cloth supplied by the Vatican. The results of their finding began to cast some doubts about the antiquity of this priced relic. They reveal that the age of the relic was not less than 14th century. (This was approximately the time when the relic turned up in a small French village). If 1 lab produced the findings such as this it is easy to suspect the credibility of their test but as 3 labs comes with similar findings...this triggers some thoughts along the whole subject of this relic.

More researchers come forward...
In 1994, Clive Prince & Lynn Picknett wrote a book entitled "Turin Shroud" claiming that the whole idea is a gigantic hoax but created by a genius. The "genius" according to them is no other than Leonardo da Vinci (remember the Da Vinci Code-the movie? :) who happens to be the most inventive artist & scientist ever lived. (Leonardo da Vinci's image left). The authors theory on why the artist did such a scam is due to the orders of the Pope Innocent VIII who "needed a fresh religious relic to boost his popularity".

Countering skepticism of the Turin shroud...
As a way to counter the skeptics, came another 2 fresh appraisers. They were German researhers, Holger Kersten & Elmar Gruber who wrote the book, "The Jesus Conspiracy". They believe that the carbon dating by these laboratories are perfect methods BUT the samples they dated DO NOT stem from the shroud!! They further state that the samples of flax prepared under unexplained secrecy were actually switched by the Vatican. The reason is that "since the winding sheet had been around a dead man, any evidence that it was a genuine relic would also have proved that Christ had lain dead long enough to cause such an imprint. And that means it would have destroyed the entire story of the Resurrection," says Gruber.

Another backer of the Turin shroud...
Then came Rodney Hoare, a scientist educated in the Cambridge who spent 26 years researching the relic. He wrote a book entitled "The Turin Shroud Is Genuine". His arguments too surrounds the carbon-dating laboratories were bound to make a mistake because unlike most objects they usually analyse, the shroud had been constantly exposed and handled for almost 2000 yrs. Fingerprints, fire, pollutants and other causes such as the high carbon content in treated flax made nonsense of the carbon dating figures. Hoare who also happens to be the chairman of the British Society for the Turin Shroud vehemently concludes that the relic is genuine. He says that paintbrushes could not have possibly created such an image because "it is a negative image that holds 3-dimensional information of a nature that NO ARTIST could ever produce.

Furthermore, nobody or no medieval artist could have produced a negative image since no one knew what it was in the middle ages since photography was not invented during that time. Does this mean that the Turin shroud is for Real? What significance does it hold for the humanity if it is to survive 2 centuries? What is the hidden message of this Turin Shroud? Perhaps, one day, someone may come forward to decipher the message to mankind.

The Mystique surrounding the Turin Shroud-1

The Turin Shroud is the cloth which many believe covered the body of Jesus after his crucifixion. It is believed to be the Holy Shroud of Jesus, which many still believe is imprinted with the face & body of Christ after he was taken from the cross.
(photo: the Turin shroud via X-Ray imagery)

In 1898, an Italian archeologist cum amateur photographer named Secundo Pia took the first ever picture of the above said shroud in the "Chapel of the dukes of Savoy at Turin Cathedral. When the negative of the photo that Pia took are observed, it seemed to have produced the face of Christ. That was the beginning. The photo already got significant attention.

Only in 1931 that a proper scientific investigation was ever allowed. Guiseppe Enri, a professional photographer, meticulously captured the image on the shroud in a lengthy photographic study. And this is how the Shroud of Turin got the attention from the rest of the world.

The description one gets from the Turin Shroud:
From the description one can get from this relic is that the form of a naked 6 ft tall man who is bearded & has long hair hanging down his back & at shoulder length at his sides. His hands are barely crossed over his loins. There are indications that the figure has been tortured & crucified with the probability of the arms nailed through the wrists. The feet seems like it has been fastened by a single nail, while the sole of one foot appears to be darkened with blood. The figure appears to have been brutally pierced with a sharp object such as a spear. There are also patterns from the body that hints that it has been subjected to a hundred lashes which in those days would have been inflicted with a "scourge"- metal balls which are attached to a flail.

The hair is matted with blood. And blood is further coagulated in scratches in the forehead. Herein lies a Big question," Could this be the result of thorns placed on the head of Christ to mock the "King of the Jews"?

The flaxen shroud is about 14 ft long and 3.5 ft in width. This shroud has been treated an important find for over a century. The claim is that it once contained the remains of Christ. The only problem is that..... there are over 50 other shrouds in Europe....all making similar claims! Why is this? How many shrouds could one Jesus Christ probably have? Why are these men making such claims?What is there to be gained by this preposterous claims?

The next question is probably how did this shroud get to Turin? Why was it found specifically in Turin and not elsewhere? The shroud only depicts an image but can science further verify any evidence to validate the age of this shroud to the time that Christ was crucified? For starters, why is it that the image can only be seen via a negative photo and not by naked eyes?

(more to follow in part 2 of the Turin Shroud mystery)

Sathya Sai Baba's 83rd Birthday Today!

Today, 23rd day of November, 2008 marks the 83rd Birthday of this Saint from Puttaparthi, India. The celebrations took place in his ashram center named "Prasanthi Nilayam".

On his 81st Birthday, Sathya Sai Baba addresses the following messages to students. Though it was directed to young students, it has a lot of message even the adults could use.

Here goes the 81st Birthday message to students:-

"It is not possible to describe how fortunate a human being is. Jantunam nara janma durlabham (of all living beings, human birth is the rarest). Man is not able to realise the value of humanness and is deluded by the sight of ephemeral and transitory objects of the world. The basis of man's life is not the transitory and ephemeral world. His life on earth is a synthesis of moral, ethical and spiritual values. Man, in fact, is the image of divinity. Mamaivamsho jivaloke jivabhuta sanathana (the eternal Atma in all beings is a part of My Being). "

"All of you are a part of Myself, you are not different from Me. Unable to realise the value of his humanness, man becomes a victim of his many delusions. All your learning and your strenuous efforts should be directed towards realising this truth. You don’t need anything else after realising this fundamental truth."

"All the material possessions of this world are a cause of bondage for man and so long as man is in bondage, he has to suffer. Therefore, man should try to achieve freedom from this bondage. He should get rid of the feeling of attachment. Nothing is ‘mine’ and ‘thine’, everything is one. Develop the feeling in your heart that all are one. Only then can you experience truth, peace and bliss."

Check your desire levels....
"Embodiments of Love! Your life is full of ambitions and desires. You have to enquire whether you are making appropriate efforts to attain fulfilment in life. First search your heart to know what your thoughts and feelings are - whether they are pure, steady and selfless or are they tainted with desires. Desires are like luggage which is a heavy burden in the journey of life. Less luggage more comfort makes travel a pleasure. Therefore, gradually reduce your desires. If you have less luggage, you will be more peaceful. On the contrary, man today is increasing his baggage of desires instead of lightening it."

Ekatma Sarva Bhutantaratma...1 atma dwells in all beings....
"Thousands of people have assembled here. Heads are many, but the feeling is one. Ekatma sarva bhutantaratma (one Atma dwells in all beings). Because of your body attachment, you are subjected to too many troubles. Today you are a single person. After completing your studies and securing a good job, you will try to get married. Then you become two. When one wears one bangle, no sound is produced. Only when one wears two bangles sound is produced. After marriage, you are inclined towards worldly acquisitions. You will have children and your family will expand. With this type of ‘progress’, how can you have peace? All these worldly attachments are the result of your deluded thinking. There is no reality in them. When your thoughts and feelings are not in the right direction, you are bound to suffer.

Love brings peace of mind.....
"Once you take to the path of service, your problems will gradually decrease. Love All, Serve All. Do not consider anybody as other person. Develop the feeling that he and you are one. The entire mankind is one. What you see in this world is only the reaction, reflection and resound of the reality that is one. Once you understand this truth, you will be peaceful. Only then will your mind be steady and one-pointed in the pursuit of your study and profession."

On the importance of service towards society...
"Therefore, first and foremost, engage yourself in the service of society. What is society? Society is your own reflection. Therefore, do not distance yourself from society. Keep yourself always engaged in the service of society. Why has God given hands to you? They are not given to scribble something on paper. They should be fully engaged in the service of God. Work is worship. Duty is God. Do your duty."

The Body-Senses-Mind-Intellect-Atma Relationship.
"You are now young and all your limbs are healthy and strong. First is the body. Next come the senses. Higher than the senses is the mind, and the intellect is higher than the mind. The Atma is the highest. When you understand and contemplate on the principle of the Atma, you will be free from all suffering and bondage. It is the perversion of the mind that is the cause of all your sufferings and bondages."

On accepting the beliefs of diverse religion...
"Gradually, My name is spread far and wide. This created jealousy in some people. In spite of the jealousy of people, people from many countries of the world representing various faiths started coming to Prasanthi Nilayam in large numbers and started celebrating their festivals here. Now December is coming and Christmas is approaching. Christians from all parts of the world will assemble here and celebrate this festival. Likewise, Mohammedans also came to Prasanthi Nilayam and prayed for My permission to celebrate their festivals. As I have always been telling you, “All are one.”

His Teachings....
Religions are many, but the goal is one.
Clothes are many but yarn is one.
Jewels are many but gold is one.(Telugu poem)

The essence of Truth....
"Who is God? Truth is God. Truth is unshakable. Sathyannasti paro Dharma (There is no Dharma greater than adherence to truth). It is Dharma that leads man to peace. Without peace man cannot live. Saint Thyagaraja said, “One cannot have happiness without peace.” When you attain peace, you will experience love and bliss. Truth is the origin of bliss. Non-violence also emerges from truth. A man of love will not entertain even a thought of violence. Sathya (truth), Dharma (righteousness), Santhi (peace), Prema (love) and Ahimsa (non-violence) are like the five life-breaths of man. These are the prime qualities of a human being. The need of the hour is to develop these human values. Only when these values are developed can there be peace in the country. Wherever you see today, you find limitless desires in people."

The final reminder...
"The worldly pleasures are no pleasures in the real sense of the term. Today you may enjoy pleasure, tomorrow you may experience difficulties. You may be happy when a son is born, but you will be grief-stricken when some mishap occurs to the son and he dies. One day you smile, another day you cry. There is only a little gap between happiness and sorrow. Everything in man’s life is transient and temporary. Ma kuru dhana jana yauvana garvam, Harathi nimeshath kalah sarvam (do not be proud of your wealth, progeny and youth; the tide of time may destroy them in a moment)."

That was the message Sri Sathya Sai Baba had for young students on his birthday 2 yrs ago. I cannot dismiss his "final reminder" of his birthday message: "Everything in a man's life is transient & temporary...the tide of time may destroy them in a moment". Currently, recession is taking place globally. Ask a man who has just lost his job of 10 to 20 yrs old due to downsizing or retrenchment & he will tell you how right is that statement!

The Cop who is a Mentalist.

This is quite an interesting news that I picked up from Express news covered by Brian Chasnoff. It is about a 51 year old policeman with special abilities. He is known as Candin though his real name is Wayne Cannon. As I was reading, I thought that it would be nice if every precinct in the world has cops with such special abilities then....there would not be anymore missing persons,things or missing animals...

Here goes...

He's a police officer — a missing persons detective, serving and protecting the Alamo City for 12 years. Soon he'll start investigating crime scenes.
He has other interests which includes deep space, Armageddon and mentalism. He performs the latter — a form of mind reading, a more rarified sort of magic — when he's not helping solve mysteries in the streets.

“We have to remind people that he's not the Antichrist,” says Steve Schmidt, owner of Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne. “He's not the dark side.”

Sometimes they watch the mentalist perform. He'll bend a spoon before your eyes. Pick a word from a 300-plus-page novel & he will tell you what word you chose. “It's sleight of mind,” the mentalist explains, cryptically. “You have to persuade somebody to go a certain direction.” He will guess your mother's name if you tell him your birthday.

Candin spikes his shows with off-kilter humor, conflating ESP with ESPN, for example, and he's peculiar in conversation too, sputtering digressions about dinosaurs and meteorites.

He collects meteorites in an aquarium in his laundry room. He's spent thousands of dollars on them, misshapen chunks of debris from outer space. One, he says, contains amino acids not found on Earth.
“There's your extraterrestrials,” he says. “That's my passion.”
He points out stones that fell in Russia and China, New Orleans and Africa.
“This thing came down like a bus in Peru,” he says. “It's fascinating to me because this is from somewhere else. It's like, how close can you get to God? With a meteorite.”

The book of Revelation intrigues Candin. He reads the Bible literally. He steers clear of witchcraft. He won't touch Ouija boards. “Contacting the dead is an abomination,” he says. “It's in Deuteronomy. You shouldn't do it.”

But mentalism is different. Candin says it's an art form that encompasses suggestion and psychology. Skeptics say it's trickery, that the novel the mentalist hands you is a fake. Candin says he uses techniques, but he's no skeptic. His performances can startle even him.

“God is supernatural,” he says. “He's paranormal, and I think he shows us things.” Other times, Candin takes more of the credit. “I mess with people's minds,” he says.

Candin used to be in the Air Force. He's afraid of breaking rules. He's skittish about connecting mentalism to police work.

Candin says,“I get hunches, but I think every police officer has that ability.”
And: “I think it makes me a better detective because you're acting as a prophet. No, I don't want to say that.” And: “If it does subconsciously help me with police work, so be it.” And: “I know you're saying this guy's a psychotic policeman.”
He's not. People who know him love him. They say he's unusual, yes, but also funny and kindhearted. And he became a cop for the right reasons.

“He has very high ambitions,” says an officer who's known Candin for more than two decades and requested anonymity because he wasn't authorized to talk to a reporter. “He always aspired to be a good person.”

One of the thing Candin most loves to do is to catch people off-guard when they are in the midst of admiring his meteorites. And that's when Candin will tell you to look at a coin he acquired in an exotic land. Next, a fireball will explode in your face. Candin will smile, and you'll smell the butane as you wait for your heart to stop pounding.


Stigmata...What is it?

Stigmata are bodily marks, sores or sensations of pain in locations which corresponds to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. These are called visible stigmata. There is another form of stigmata that does not have any marks that can be seen but only sensation of pain that the stigmatic alone endures. This is called the invisible stigmata. Witnesses can't see any trace or marks that is normally expected of a stigmata phenomenon.

Stigmata are mainly associated with the Roman Catholic Church. This might pose as a problem to some who might question as to why the Protestants don't experience the same phenomenon since they too are believers of Jesus Christ??

The Ratio of stigmata...
Most of the Stigmata reports shows a large number of them are women who are members of the Catholic religious orders. The ratio of reported stigmatics are largely women as compared to men.

The Invisible Stigmatics...
St. Catherine of Sienna had visible stigmata in the beginning but later through humility, she asked that it be invisible for she did not want the marks to scare those who may view it. And her prayers were heard. Those visible signs were transformed into invisible where only she alone may sense & endure. Another invisible stigmatic was also by the same name, St Catherine de' Ricci, a Florentine Dominican from the 16th Century. There were many others as well.

Dr. Imbert's research on this subject...
Dr. Imbert Gourbeyre undertook an extensive research on this subject where he investigated a total number of 321 cases out of which only 41 turns out to be male. He describes this phenomenon to strike mostly pious and fervently religious women.

Roman Catholics versus the common doctor's view...
Most Roman Catholic theologians accept many cases of stigmata as being genuine. However, some doctors share an opposing view to that. They explain that this phenomenon was being caused by the effects of a subdued form of hysteria with wound mark differences as to how they imagine Jesus Christ was crucified.

What are these good doctors suggesting? Are they suggesting that the stigmata occurs as a result of auto-suggestion of the mind of the person wanting to display Christ like symptoms of crucifixion? Are they saying that this is fake?

Case of the Stigmata
1. Teresa Neumann
Teresa Neumann is a 20 yr old German girl who was blind and paralysed. On a Good Friday in 1926, she experienced a vision of St Therese of Lisleux. Following that, she was cured of her afflictions which she has underwent for the last 6 yrs. But then, every Friday, for 24 hours each time for the next 36 yrs until her death in 1962 she has been exhibiting marks of stigmata (as can be seen in the video below).

She usually falls into a trance and exhibit deep rectangular wounds to her hands which heals as quickly as it develops. Eye-witnesses have described her shedding tearlets of blood from her feet, her side & her forehead.

Video of Teresa Neumann:

Whether stigmata is fake or not does not matter to me. From a religious perspective, I see that it reinforces the belief system & faith of a person in religion. Therefore, it does no harm to the society or the world unlike some claims by a certain people that their dogma allows them to kill in the name of religion...and that they will be rewarded with God knows how many virgins waiting for them. And THAT....needs to be investigated. Period.

A Simple Meditation...

(for focusing and experiencing the power of Now)

We cannot live without oxygen but breathing is something that is taken for granted and given no importance in most people’s lives. In this first meditation below, concentration is on the breath…in the second it is using the breath…and the third puts these two things together. For when you are fully experiencing what you are doing, you are touching God or whatever God means to you.

The Breath
Find a quiet place to sit – a place you have made sacred space.
Sit with your back as straight as possible. Settle yourself in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and take 3 very big and deep breaths to clear your nose and lungs.
Breathe gently in and out in your own rhythm and concentrate on how it feels as the air moves in and out of your nose. When you are completely familiar with that follow the breath in and out of the lungs. Feel how it affects your body, does your pulse rate change - slowing on the in breath and speeding up on the out breath? Feel the difference in the depth of each breath and follow the flow of energy outward from the lungs and track it through the body. Allow the breath to take you deep into the meditative state.

Using the Breath
Find your comfortable position in sacred space and begin your meditation while concentrating on your breathing. Then with gentle open eyes, survey your room or surrounding space carefully memorizing where each thing is. Then close your eyes and picture the room or space in your mind, reconstructing and visualizing exactly where each and every thing is. When you have reconstructed the room in your mind to your satisfaction, open your eyes and check that you had it exactly right. Repeat the process until you get it correct. When the inner picture exactly reflects the outer one the focus is on the now, and you are one with your surroundings and the energy will have changed. Note all of the changes as they happen.

Refining the Focus
When you combine these two things and bring them into everyday life, you become fully and completely involved in the experience of living. The past has no power and the future is not in place, and you are living in the moment where the power is yours to create what you want. Start with the repetitive or mundane activities first then go on to more difficult things. Do each day for at least a week.

Initially it is helpful to sit in your meditation place and start the breathing to create the focus of living in the NOW, and then move on to doing normal daily duties. You will find you are not in a deeply meditative state but one of focused consciousness and heightened perceptions. When you are fully experiencing what you are doing, you are touching God. By having fully focused on what you are doing you unite with your higher self to enhance communications with the higher realms.

Jewels of the Mother.

I belong to no nation, no civilisation, no society, no race, but to the Divine.
I obey no master, no ruler, no law, no social convention, but the Divine.
To Him I have surrendered all, will, life and self; for Him I am ready to give all my blood, drop by drop, if such is His Will, with complete joy; and nothing in His service can be sacrifice, for all is perfect delight.

(from Words of Long Ago, p.166,February, 1920, Japan)

2. About finding one's divinity....

"...The most important thing for an individual is to unify himself around his divine centre; in that way he becomes a true individual, master of himself and his destiny. Otherwise, he is a plaything of forces that toss him about like a piece of cork on a river.... It is a rather unpleasant sensation to feel yourself pulled by the strings and made to do things whether you want to or not -- that is quite irrelevant -- but to be compelled to act because something pulls you by the strings, something which you do not even see -- that is exasperating. However, I do not know, but I found it very exasperating, even when I was quite a child. At five, it began to seem to me quite intolerable and I sought for a way so that it might be otherwise -- without people getting a chance to scold me. For I knew nobody who could help me and I did not have the chance that you have, someone who can tell you "This is what you have to do!" There was nobody to tell me that. I had to find it out all by myself. And I found it. I started at five."

(from Questions and Answers 1953, p.139, 1 July 1953)

3. About the entrapment of our mundane lives & how we are so helpless...

"At the beginning of my present earthly existence I came into contact with many people who said that they had a great inner aspiration, an urge towards something deeper and truer, but that they were tied down, subjected, slaves to that brutal necessity of earning their living, and that this weighed them down so much, took up so much of their time and energy that they could not engage in any other activity, inner or outer. I heard this very often, I saw many poor people -- I don't mean poor from the monetary point of view, but poor because they felt imprisoned in a material necessity, narrow and deadening.
I was very young at that time, and I always used to tell myself that if ever I could do it, I would try to create a little world -- oh! quite a small one, but still... a small world where people would be able to live without having to be preoccupied with food and lodging and clothing and the imperative necessities of life, so as to see whether all the energies freed by this certainty of a secure material living would turn spontaneously towards the divine life and the inner realisation."

(from Questions and Answers 1956, p.161, 30 May 1956)

4. Is it useful to note down one's dreams? Mother explains....
"Yes, for more than a year I applied myself to this kind of self-discipline. I noted down everything -- a few words, just a little thing, an impression -- and I tried to pass from one memory to another. At first it was not very fruitful, but at the end of about fourteen months I could follow, beginning from the end, all the movements, all the dreams right up to the beginning of the night."

(from Questions and Answers 1950-51, p.62, 27 January 1951)

5. About not over burdening ourselves with more than what we can handle...

"Once, I remember, four of us had gone on a walking tour across the mountains of France. We had started from one town and had to reach another. It was about an eight or ten days' journey across the mountain. Naturally, each of us carried a bag slung across our back, for one needs a few things. But then, before starting we had a little discussion to find out what things we really needed, what was quite indispensable. And always we came to this: "Let us see, that thing we can manage in this way" and everything was reduced to so little..."

(from Questions and Answers 1950-51, p.385, 5th May 1951)

6. About Truth & Harmony on earth...

"My way of seeing is somewhat different. For my consciousness the whole life upon earth, including the human life and all its mentality, is a mass of vibrations, mostly vibrations of falsehood, ignorance and disorder, in which are more and more at work vibrations of Truth and Harmony coming from the higher regions and pushing their way through the resistance. In this vision the ego-sense and the individual assertion and separateness become quite unreal and illusory."

(from Words of the Mother, p.95)

Mother & the Balcony Darshan

April 24, 1920 has a special place in the hearts of every devotee of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It was this day that the Mother (originally known as Mirra Alfassa) arrived in Pondicherry, India to spend the rest of her life here.

The above is the photo & the video of the Mother. She can be seen giving darshan to her devotees. When the Mother was alive, she used to give darshan in the mornings from her balcony, which faced the Rue Saint Gilles situated in the Ashram building. When Mother was giving Darshan from the balcony, She was doing a spiritual feat everyday. She took a look at each member assembled on the road, gathered their aspirations into Her, and offered them all to the Lord. Then She turned Her face upwards.

How the balcony darshan started...
The origin of this Balcony Darshan was the obstinacy of Sri Aurobindo’s cook. Sri Aurobindo’s kitchen was across the road from the balcony. One day when there was some delay or difficulty about cooking, Mother appeared on the balcony and moved things with the cook. The next day the cook insisted on Mother appearing on the balcony for her to start cooking. Sadhaks gathered under the balcony to have a Darshan of the Mother. The Balcony Darshan came to stay.

The Mother had come to meet Sri Aurobindo in 1914. But, after staying here for 11 months, she had to return to France due to the First World War. She lived in France and Japan for about five years and returned to Pondicherry.

The Mother's Darshan clips. This video above has been superposed on Her reading of the prayer "Gloire a Toi, Seigneur (Glory to Thee O Lord)." Sri Aurobindo's translation into English follows:

Glory to Thee, O Lord, who triumphest over every obstacle.

Grant that nothing in us shall be an obstacle to Thy work.

Grant that nothing may retard Thy manifestation.

Grant that Thy will may be done in all things and at every moment.

We stand here before Thee that Thy will may be fulfilled in us, in every element, in every activity of our being, from our supreme heights to the smallest cells of the body.

Grant that we may be faithful to Thee utterly and for ever.

We would be completely under Thy influence to the exclusion of every other.

Grant that we may never forget to own towards Thee a deep, an intense gratitude.

Grant that we may never squander any of the marvellous things that are Thy gifts to us at every instant.

Grant that everything in us may collaborate in Thy work and all be ready for Thy realisation.

Glory to Thee, O Lord, Supreme Master of all realisation.Give us a faith active and ardent, absolute and unshakable in Thy victory.

On 12 October 1959, the Mother wrote to a young disciple:
"Every morning at the balcony, after establishing a conscious contact with each of those who are present, I identify myself with the Supreme Lord and dissolve myself completely in Him. Then my body, completely passive, is nothing but a channel through which the Lord passes His forces freely and pours upon all His Light, His Consciousness and His Joy, according to each one's receptivity."

Consequently, this daily darshan too used to affect variously different individuals, and even the same individual on different days. Some have glimpsed in the Mother one or another of their favourite Powers and Personalities of Mahashakti.

She further explains....
"At the Balcony, for example. When I come on the Balcony I make a special concentration, you notice that I look at everybody, don't you; I look, see, pass my eyes over every one, I know all who are there, and where they are, and I give each one exactly what he needs; I see his condition and give him what is necessary. It can go fast, because otherwise I would keep you there for half an hour, but I do it, that's what I do. That's the only reason why I come out, because otherwise I carry you in my consciousness. I carry you in my consciousness always, without seeing you, I do what is necessary. But here it is a moment when I can do it by touching the physical directly, you see; otherwise it is through the mind that it acts, the mind or the vital. But here I touch the physical directly through the sight, the contact of sight; and that's what I do -- each time."

What people see around the Mother is first her aura. ..and, secondly, the forces of Light that pour out from her when she concentrates, as she always does on the roof for instance. ...People do not see it usually because it is a subtle physical and not a gross material phenomenon.'"

The sadhaks and disciples who had developed this subtle sight -and those that had the higher psychic sensitivity were able to see the aura, and even after the Mother's withdrawal from the balcony, some of the devotees are known to have stayed on for a while longer with an abstracted and self- absorbed air, perhaps seeing the Mother still, and the aura around her .

Did Jesus die in Kashmir, India (Part Two)

The theory about Jesus surviving crucifixion and coming to India is quite a thought provoking matter. It is a controversial subject. Though it is just a theory and not the gospel truth, the purpose of this writings are just to uncover some reasons leading to people believing that Jesus actually came to India & died in Kashmir. Truth, myth or fallacy is up to the reader's own discernment. They are not my own views. Just the findings of some people who are involved in the pursuit of their own truth who are trying to put the history to acid test & to verify it's authencity .

In the following dialogue you are about to see took place on the 11th July 2003 between BBC Four & Richard Denton. The dialogue explores whether Jesus survived crucifixion and where he would have gone if he survived along with the reasons given to such belief.

BBC Four: Your central question is did Jesus die on the cross rather than did Jesus die at all.
Richard Denton: It is really. I originally wanted to call it The Body of Christ because that seems to me to be the crucial question. Obviously he died at some point, but when and how is the question.

BBC Four: How do you think he might have survived crucifixion?
RD: Crucifixion took up to three days; the maximum he was on the cross for was nine hours, it might even have been six. And even if you read the gospels Pontius Pilate is clearly surprised that he's already dead and wants to be reassured by the centurion that he really is dead. My personal take on it would be that he goes into a shock induced coma, and probably they thought he was dead.

BBC Four: If he did survive why do you think it's not related in that way in the gospels?
RD: First of all, they would think it was a miraculous resurrection. You don't have to think of that as a conspiracy theory or a lie, it's just a mistake. What you then have to do is get him out of the way. The real question doesn't hang over the resurrection, which I think is explicable. The real question hangs over him ascending into heaven.

BBC Four: You make the point that the Ascension isn't actually mentioned in the gospels.
RD: It's not in any of the original versions of the gospels which is astonishing. It was in the last 16 verses of Mark, which were put in 300 years after and it's inserted, in a sentence, into some versions of Luke because he was assumed to have written the Acts and it's mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles. That I think is the lie, the cover story to get him out of the country.

BBC Four: If Jesus was revived in this way where then did he go?
RD: One story is that he gets out and goes to the South of France with Mary Magdalene, there is a certain amount of evidence that she went there. And the other is that he goes to India and there are a number of versions of this. One of which suggests that in fact he had already been to India during the missing years between 12 and 29.

BBC Four: It was very interesting the parallel between the story of the three kings and the search for a reincarnated Lama…
RD: Absolutely, we explore that and the similarities between the miracles and the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus in the programme. And of course Buddha pre-dates Jesus by about 500 years, so it's not unreasonable that he may have gone to India, learned Buddhist teaching and brought it back. Then when he returns to India after the crucifixion he carries on the ministry in Kashmir until he dies at the age of 80.

BBC Four: What actually prompted you to start exploring this topic?
RD: I was intrigued because most academic theologians and intelligent churchmen, or a very significant number of them, do not believe that the resurrection is the literal truth. It's a metaphor to tell us that there is hope. Whilst not saying that it's a literal truth they don't actually say it's a lie, but if you're saying something's not literal truth then you are saying it's a lie. I was shocked that none of the people we interviewed, with the exception of the Cannon of Westminster, believed it was true. Yet if they don't think it's true what on earth do they think is the motivation behind writing the story in the Bible?

BBC Four: You say that the resurrection and the literal truth of the Gospel have in the past been the cornerstone of Christianity.
RD: Exactly. And the idea that you can go on preaching this to the ordinary faithful while not believing it yourself seemed to me truly offensive. So what I was looking for was another version of the story that had the possibility of being historically true, that could have been misinterpreted by the people at the time, so that what they said was not a lie, it was the way they understood it.

BBC Four: And in the end have you found that the most credible account?
RD: Yes, I think so. On the other hand I am a person who does not find the idea of rising from the dead and ascending into heaven credible. I'm faced with the choice, do I believe that the gospel writers were cunning liars or do I think they were simple men who misunderstood things and were amazed by this man.

BBC Four: And did these feet in ancient times walk upon England's mountains green?
RD: I personally don't think they did walk upon England's mountains green, I think they walked upon Kashmir's mountains green. They may have walked in France for all I know.

The BBC Documentary Part 1: Jesus in Kashmir, India.

The BBC Documentary Part 2: Jesus in Kashmir, India.

The BBC Documentary Part 3: Jesus in Kashmir, India.

What assumption can one make based on these so called "clues" of Jesus surviving crucifixion, travelling to India & dying in Kashmir? Are these hard enough to be called as evidence or is it just mere rubbish made by people out there to confuse the followers of Christianity? If it is true that this is the motive of unscrupulous people out there to wreak havoc in the history of Christianity, I don't see how it has succeeded so far. Perhaps, an archeologist could shed some light & verify the authencity of these claims?

Did Jesus die in Kashmir, India? (Part 1)

The theory about Jesus surviving crucifixion and coming to India is quite a thought provoking matter. It is a controversial subject. Though it is just a theory and not the gospel truth, the purpose of this writings are just to uncover some reasons leading to people believing that Jesus actually came to India & died in Kashmir. Truth, myth or fallacy is up to the reader's own discernment. They are not my own views. Just the findings of some people who are involved in the pursuit of their own truth who are trying to put the history to acid test & to verify it's authencity .

First, we have a Russian scholar, Nicolas Notovich who suggested this in his book titled "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ". Secondly, we have Holgar Kersten's, a German scholar who came out with his 2 best-sellers titiled, "Jesus Lived in India" and "The Jesus Conspiracy" which dwells on Jesus's life beyond Central Asia.

Next, we have Subhrajit Mitra, a scriptwriter-director for National Geographic and Discovery Channel, who has been largely influenced by the above German scholar's (Holgar Kersten) best sellers. Subhrajit has been so influenced, that he decided to do a documentary film entitled "The Unknown Story of the Messiah" which actually lives off the popular alternative theory that Jesus actually had travelled to India after crucifixion, along with Mother Mary, studied Hinduism and Buddhism, and died in Kashmir where he was entombed.

(Subhrajit has sourced references from the Bhavishya Mahapurana, which records an encounter between King Shalivahana and Jesus near Srinagar, long after crucifixion.)

Meanwhile, in Kashmir, a monument hails that is religious in nature. The locals call it "The the tomb of Jesus." The precise location of this "Jesus" tomb is in the Khanyar district of Srinagar, which is the capital of Kashmir. The tomb is called the Rozabal, which means the prophet's tomb, and Jesus' name is given as Yuza Asaf. The following images were taken December 2006 provided by an individual who visited the tomb and was able to take these photos. (Photography is generally prohibited in and around the tomb).

(The tomb above purports to be the tomb of Jesus and the claim is that he didn't die on the cross, but after his wounds healed he traveled to Kashmir, where he married, had children, and died of old age.)

Video: The Tomb of Jesus in Kashmir, India. (BBC research documentary)

The fourth is a 100 paged book titled "Jesus Died In Kashmir" by Andreas Faber-Kaiser, and it was published in London in 1978. The first chapter gives an account of Jesus' boyhood trip: he is supposed to have gone to Kashmir at the age of 13 to study Buddhism. His gospel of love pleased the Buddhists, but the Hindus saw it as a challenge to the caste system and the power of the brahmins. Jesus moved to Persia, but the Zoroastrian priests also saw him as a threat and escorted him out of their city. At that point Jesus returned to Israel. This story came to the author through an Indian scholar who, during a stay in a Russian monastery, found a diary written in the last century by two missionaries. The diary was written in German, which unfortunately the Indian was unable to read, but he noticed on one page the names "Nicholai Notovich"(the Russian scholar, the 1st "evidence") and "San Issa" so he photographed the facing pages and had them translated when he returned home.

According to these pages, Nicholai Notovich was travelling in the northern part of Kashmir, which is known as little Tibet, and there in a lamasery, in exchange for an alarm clock and a thermometer, was told the story of "Issa, a son of Israel" who visited the lamasery about 2000 years ago. Issa (or Isa or Yuza, as we will see later) is a version of the name Jesus, just as Jesus is the Anglicized version of a name that is something like Yeshua, or Joshua.

The second chapter of the book sustains that an examination of the Turin Shroud proves that Jesus was still alive when he was taken from the cross. The contention is that if he died on the cross that "all the blood would have coagulated in the lower parts of his body" and that he would not have bled when wrapped in the shroud.
The third chapter says that the ten lost tribes of Israel are to be found among the Afgans, Kashmiri, and other eastern nations. To demonstrate this, the author gives a chart showing similarities between various Hebrew words and place names in Afganistan and Kashmir.

Next, the author tells the story of Jesus' travels after the crucifixion. After the crucifixion wounds were healed, Jesus set out with his mother Mary and the apostle Thomas in search of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Mary died in Pakistan, not far from the Kashmir border. Mary's tomb is near Murree in Pakistan, about 100 miles west of Srinagar at a place known as Pindi Point. Jesus continued on to Kashmir, while Thomas moved to southern India where he died after establishing a Christian community. The tombs of all three exist and are venerated by pilgrims of various faiths.

What assumption can one make based on these so called "clues" of Jesus surviving crucifixion, travelling to India & dying in Kashmir? Are these hard enough to be called as evidence or is it just mere rubbish made by people out there to confuse the followers of Christianity? If it is true that this is the motive of unscrupulous people out there to wreak havoc in the history of Christianity, I don't see how it has succeeded so far. Perhaps, an archeologist could shed some light & verify the authencity of these claims?

Next in the Part Two, my posting continues to delve deeper in this subject with some input from BBC : Did Jesus go to India & dies in Kashmir, India? (Part 2) follows.........

Did Jesus Really die when he was crucified?

"Those who say that the Lord died first and then rose up are in error, for he rose up first and then died."—Gospel of Philip

An intriguing question. What brings such a question to this subject. The following might shed some light. Whether it is a myth, fact or fallacy is subject to the own reader's discernment. The posting today for this subject is a mere discussion on this issue.

The views that bring to this question was provided by Barbara Thiering, an Australian theologist and scholar extraordinary. For over twenty years she has been involved in research into the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the result is a new version of Christ's life, titled Jesus the Man.
This is not a book for fundamentalists but for those who have a curiosity about the actual life of Jesus and the historical and social background of the time.

Her text is the opening paragraph of Chapter Twenty-Five, “A death that failed.” Here it is: “Jesus did not die on the cross. He recovered from the effects of the poison, was helped to escape from the tomb by friends, and stayed with them until he reached Rome, where he was present in AD 64.”

The 'poison' referred to here was in the 'vinegar' that had been given to him on the cross. It was snake venom, taking a number of hours to act but which rendered him unconscious in a short time. It was 3 p.m. then, after six hours on the cross. He was thought to be dead but wasn't.

This is not conjecture, asserts Barbara Thiering, but comes from a reading of the texts of the Dead Scrolls by the pesher method. Pesher is a technique that she had to master before interpreting the Scrolls. The Hebrew word is used in the Old Testament to mean 'interpretation of dreams.' Pesher in the context of the Scrolls is like a solution to a puzzle, something like a cryptic crossword. “The clues do not look as if they make sense, but anyone who knows the
technique and has the necessary knowledge can solve the puzzle.”

Pesher apparently was known to the Greeks as well as the Jews. Allegorical meanings were often found in the Old Testament, but Thiering asserts that the Scrolls gives us for the first time, historical meanings.
The Dead Sea Scrolls, it appears, reveal many more historical facts about the life of Jesus and his followers than do the gospels. The gospels quote Jesus as saying, “To you (his inner circle) is given the mystery of the Kingdom of God, but for those outside, everything is in parables.” The insiders, those who 'have ears to hear', will understand the mystery.

The miracles and the parables, understood this way, indicate that much in the gospels, as in the Scrolls, have two levels of meaning, one for the common people, the other for the sophisticated. On the surface are found the magic and the miracles, the raising of the dead, the turning of water into wine, the feeding of the multitudes with five loaves and two fish; but on a deeper level, a more realistic historical-account is revealed of the life of Christ and the origins of Christianity.
If Jesus didn't die on the cross but recovered inside the cave where he was laid, and walked out of it, then his 'appearances' need no explanation. When Jesus 'appeared' in a 'vision' to Peter and Pail in subsequent years as recorded in the Acts of the Apostle, It was the real flesh and blood Jesus holding an audience with the ministers.
The evidence for resurrection has always bean weak; an empty tomb providing only that it was empty. But the disciples wanted to believe in the resurrection. Paul goes to the extent of saying (in the first part of Corinthians), “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is in vain.”
But in the newly-discovered gospel of Philip, says Thiering, there is a passage that denies resurrection: “Those who say that the Lord died first and then rose up are in error, for he rose up first and then died.”
Theologians and critical thinkers outside the Church have pointed out that throughout Christian history, the resurrection was not treated as central to the faith but something that developed in recent times. What is new, according to Thiering, is that we now have knowledge of a technique for reading the gospels “which shows us that the Evangelists themselves did not believe it, and which shows us what really happened.” They had a difficult task—how to meet the religious need for myth and at the same time to be truthful.

There is a detailed description in this book of a 'final journey' by ship, of Jesus, Luke, Paul and Peter. This was in June AD 60 and it took them to Crete, Malta and to Rome, where they remained. The emperor was the fanatical tyrant, Nero. When Rome was partly destroyed by fire in July AD 64, the rumour spread that Nero started it, & he immediately looked for scapegoats. The Christians were an obvious choice.

The book records: Knowing the danger he was in, Peter tried to flee from Rome. He got as far as the church near the Appian Way, now called Domine Quo Vadis. Jesus met him there and persuaded him to go back and face martyrdom. “The legend says that a visionary Jesus appeared to him, but it was the real Jesus.” Peter was crucified 'in imitation of his master', and Paul was put to death.

Tacitus, the Roman historian has recorded details of Nero's persecution: “To scotch the rumour (that he started the fire), Nero substituted as culprits, and punished with the utmost refinements of cruelty, a class of men, loathed for their vices, whom the crowd styled Christians. Christus, the founder of the name, had undergone the death penalty in the region of Tiberius, by sentence of the procurator, Pontius Pilate, and the pernicious superstition was checked for a moment, only to break out once more, not merely in Judea, the home of the disease, but in the capital itself....
“First, then, the confessed members of the sect were arrested; next on their disclosures, vast numbers were convicted, not so much on the count of arson as for hatred of the human race. And derision accompanied their end: they were covers with wild beasts' skins and torn to death by dogs; or they were fastened on crosses, and, when daylight failed, were burned to serve as lamps by night.”
There is no record of the final days of Jesus, says Thiering. He had married Mary Magdalene, fathered a family, and later divorced. He was seventy years old in AD 64, and it is probable that he died of old age in seclusion in Rome. That leaves the legend about Jesus having died in Kashmir still open to conjecture. (That will be my next topic)
Courtesy: The Deccan Herald (date unknown) under the title “Death, where is thy sting?”

Shobana & Ramalinga Swamigal

The name Shobana meaning she who is always radiant. The name was given to her by her guru Ramalinga Swami. Who is this saint called Ramalinga? Where is he from? How did she make a contact with Swami Ramalinga or was she contacted by Ramalinga? The answer to this is not an easy guess for those not familiar to Hindu traditions. A brief account of him follows. Read on...

Who is Ramalinga Swami...?
Ramalinga Swami was born on 5th October 1823 in a place called Marudur in South India. He did not get proper education during his young days. When he was 5 yrs old, his father gave him the name "Ramalingam" in the presence of the 2 presiding deities, Govindaraja & Nataraja of the Chidambaram Temple. He lived for 50 years until 1874 when he dematerialised.

The collection of his philosophical works is called "Thiru Arutpa" that consists of about 6000 verses which has been noted for it's simplicity, elegance of expression & melodious. The songs known as "Agaval" has 1 596 lines & is believed to be written by him to bring out clearly the evolution of human system and philosophy.

Saint Ramalingam preached Self-dedication and the path of Universal Harmony, Oneness of God, Non-violence and Vegetarianism. He was against the differentiation of people on the BASIS OF RELIGION or caste and the observance of rituals.

Saint Ramalingam was called "Vallalar" by his devotees. He has set up "Sanmarga Satya Sangam in 1865. In 1867, "Sanmarga Satya Dharmasalai" was set up to feed the poor.

He attained liberation on the 30th January 1874. (This means that the visitation that Shobana says she is receiving comes from a Saint that lived & passed on more than a Century ago....)

Saint Ramalinga's Unique Disposition.....
The Saint Ramalinga's was said of possessing a "golden body", a visible ray of auric golden ray surrounding him. It was the result of his spiritual conquest & determination to reach the highest heights of his spiritual mastery. Thus, the deathless life or immortality, that followed in dematerialization is the consequent of his soul's union with the Supreme and in reaching liberation from physical existence. This seems to reflect the famous Upanishadic passage that says "from the unreal to the Real, from the darkness to the Light, from death to Immortality".

Ramalingam's mysticism does not involve the loss of the body in the final state of liberation, but its transfiguration which is filled with the divine life and becoming a spiritual body which no longer conditioned by the present laws of matter, but transfigured in the divine light after he embraced the vast grace light.

Shobana is a Spanish woman who resides in Spain & has never been to India. A very humble & simplistic thinking individual who cautions to always keep a check of one's ego when in spiritual pursuit otherwise which the journey may not take to the intended destination.

Shobana explains,"After His Dematerialization, Ramalinga took a Divine Body of Universal Presence, by which He has manifested Himself in Occident at the present time, to make more accesible to all the people the Achievement of Deathless Golden Body. At the present He directly has shown a new way, giving it the name of THE PATH OF GRACE LIGHT."

To know more of Shobana, her image & her revelations of Ramalinga, you can access to her site thru this link : http://www.ramalinga.com/english.html.


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