Shobana & Ramalinga Swamigal

The name Shobana meaning she who is always radiant. The name was given to her by her guru Ramalinga Swami. Who is this saint called Ramalinga? Where is he from? How did she make a contact with Swami Ramalinga or was she contacted by Ramalinga? The answer to this is not an easy guess for those not familiar to Hindu traditions. A brief account of him follows. Read on...

Who is Ramalinga Swami...?
Ramalinga Swami was born on 5th October 1823 in a place called Marudur in South India. He did not get proper education during his young days. When he was 5 yrs old, his father gave him the name "Ramalingam" in the presence of the 2 presiding deities, Govindaraja & Nataraja of the Chidambaram Temple. He lived for 50 years until 1874 when he dematerialised.

The collection of his philosophical works is called "Thiru Arutpa" that consists of about 6000 verses which has been noted for it's simplicity, elegance of expression & melodious. The songs known as "Agaval" has 1 596 lines & is believed to be written by him to bring out clearly the evolution of human system and philosophy.

Saint Ramalingam preached Self-dedication and the path of Universal Harmony, Oneness of God, Non-violence and Vegetarianism. He was against the differentiation of people on the BASIS OF RELIGION or caste and the observance of rituals.

Saint Ramalingam was called "Vallalar" by his devotees. He has set up "Sanmarga Satya Sangam in 1865. In 1867, "Sanmarga Satya Dharmasalai" was set up to feed the poor.

He attained liberation on the 30th January 1874. (This means that the visitation that Shobana says she is receiving comes from a Saint that lived & passed on more than a Century ago....)

Saint Ramalinga's Unique Disposition.....
The Saint Ramalinga's was said of possessing a "golden body", a visible ray of auric golden ray surrounding him. It was the result of his spiritual conquest & determination to reach the highest heights of his spiritual mastery. Thus, the deathless life or immortality, that followed in dematerialization is the consequent of his soul's union with the Supreme and in reaching liberation from physical existence. This seems to reflect the famous Upanishadic passage that says "from the unreal to the Real, from the darkness to the Light, from death to Immortality".

Ramalingam's mysticism does not involve the loss of the body in the final state of liberation, but its transfiguration which is filled with the divine life and becoming a spiritual body which no longer conditioned by the present laws of matter, but transfigured in the divine light after he embraced the vast grace light.

Shobana is a Spanish woman who resides in Spain & has never been to India. A very humble & simplistic thinking individual who cautions to always keep a check of one's ego when in spiritual pursuit otherwise which the journey may not take to the intended destination.

Shobana explains,"After His Dematerialization, Ramalinga took a Divine Body of Universal Presence, by which He has manifested Himself in Occident at the present time, to make more accesible to all the people the Achievement of Deathless Golden Body. At the present He directly has shown a new way, giving it the name of THE PATH OF GRACE LIGHT."

To know more of Shobana, her image & her revelations of Ramalinga, you can access to her site thru this link :


Anonymous said...

This is one "hell" of a news!!Amazing isn't it.A lady in Spain getting visions,blessings,grace,guidance frm Ramalinga Swami.It's true Ramalinga Swami dematerialised his body in 1874.Visited his temple in Vadalur,long time ago.The significande of Ramalinga Swamikal is not known to people.His mission or work is not much understood.It's maybe due to the fact that his mission was more on spiritual intervention on earth and her inhabitants.

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Below is the mahamantra that was revealed to Ramalinga Swami(Arutprakasa Ramalinga Adigalar) by The Supreme GODHEAD.

"From now on, the supreme and universal Lord of Play in compassion begins His new age when the Vast Grace-Light shall manifest progressively by and through me for the happiness of the ahead" (12 .25. 5)

Arut Perunjothi Arut Perunjothi

Thanip Perung Karunai Arut Perunjothi

which means,

Vast Grace-Light Vast Grace-Light

Supreme Compassion Vast Grace-Light

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At Cuddalur, one Ayyasamy Pillai, son of Vedanayakam Pillai was seriously bed ridden with disease. Death was awaited at any moment. His father who was a devotee of the Vallalar became anxious and helpless. Vallalar ( who was then giving a discourse at Vadalur a fact which was later verified) came and knocked at his door. The door was opened. Vallalar sat near the patient, applied sacred ash on his forehead and in a short time made him open his eyes and sit on the bed. Then he left. The next day the father took his son to Vadalur in a cart. The came to know that Vallalar was giving discourse at Vadalur throughout the previous night, when he had also visited them at Cuddalur and spent some time attending the patient. Vallalar told them that what took place yesterday was play of the Divine and requested them not to divulge it. The father and son were moved with surprise and surging waves of love and gratitude for the grace of the Vallalar.

An old woman of Kongara Palayam village aged 96 years suffered from a nervous shaking of her body. She saw Vallalar and by his darshan she got cured.

Vallalar cured leprosy by giving sacred ash to patient, the maternal uncle of Purushottama Reddiar of Karungkuli village.


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One day eleven of his followers who were inmates of Dharma shala at Vadalur laid down with fever (possibly due to influenza) in the summer month of Citrai. Out of compassion for them, Vallalar asked each of them in an endearing tone and language Father (an endearing term of address in Tamil, signifying O soul of the Divine Father used irrespective of age and relationship) will you give your fever to me? Then he remained in a room when his body became quite hot like fire and after five minutes he came out quite in a normal condition. The fever of all the patients was gone.

Note: Vallalar should have absorbed the disease and fever of his followers into his body freed them from the disease and finally thrown the disease and its symptoms from out of his own body. However the incident is interesting because of its collective treatment.

One day when Vallalar was going to Cidambaram to attent Tiruvadirai dharshan at the temple, a man affected with dyspepsiaprayed him on the way to be relieved of the disease. Vallalar gave him tulsi leaf ( a leaf symbolizing devotion for the Divine) and water as treatment. The man was cured.

A man of Sevalai village suffered for 12 years from dyspepsia. He prayed to
Vallalar for relieving him from the disease. Vallalar asked him to pray god. The man replied firmly that Vallalar that Vallalar himself was god for him. Then Vallalar gave him sacred ash (vibhuti) with blessings. The man took it reverentially and applied it on his forehead and put a little of it in his mouth. He got cured.

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திருவடி தீக்ஷை(Self realization)
இந்த வீடியோவை முழுமையாக பாருங்கள். இது அனைவருக்கும் தேவையானது.நாம் நிலையிள்ளத உடம்பு மனதை "நான்" என்று நம்பி இருக்கிறோம். சிவசெல்வராஜ் அய்யாவின் உரையை முழுமையாக கேட்கவும்.

Please follow (PART-1)

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(PART-2) (PART-3)

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Guru Ramalinga Vallalar blesses everyone who are true to Arutperum Joythi and follow his teachings.

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ridiculed blog..this spanish women is out of her mind...same goes to the rest of western who always end up being robbed by all those bogus hindu swamy..


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