Stigmata...What is it?

Stigmata are bodily marks, sores or sensations of pain in locations which corresponds to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. These are called visible stigmata. There is another form of stigmata that does not have any marks that can be seen but only sensation of pain that the stigmatic alone endures. This is called the invisible stigmata. Witnesses can't see any trace or marks that is normally expected of a stigmata phenomenon.

Stigmata are mainly associated with the Roman Catholic Church. This might pose as a problem to some who might question as to why the Protestants don't experience the same phenomenon since they too are believers of Jesus Christ??

The Ratio of stigmata...
Most of the Stigmata reports shows a large number of them are women who are members of the Catholic religious orders. The ratio of reported stigmatics are largely women as compared to men.

The Invisible Stigmatics...
St. Catherine of Sienna had visible stigmata in the beginning but later through humility, she asked that it be invisible for she did not want the marks to scare those who may view it. And her prayers were heard. Those visible signs were transformed into invisible where only she alone may sense & endure. Another invisible stigmatic was also by the same name, St Catherine de' Ricci, a Florentine Dominican from the 16th Century. There were many others as well.

Dr. Imbert's research on this subject...
Dr. Imbert Gourbeyre undertook an extensive research on this subject where he investigated a total number of 321 cases out of which only 41 turns out to be male. He describes this phenomenon to strike mostly pious and fervently religious women.

Roman Catholics versus the common doctor's view...
Most Roman Catholic theologians accept many cases of stigmata as being genuine. However, some doctors share an opposing view to that. They explain that this phenomenon was being caused by the effects of a subdued form of hysteria with wound mark differences as to how they imagine Jesus Christ was crucified.

What are these good doctors suggesting? Are they suggesting that the stigmata occurs as a result of auto-suggestion of the mind of the person wanting to display Christ like symptoms of crucifixion? Are they saying that this is fake?

Case of the Stigmata
1. Teresa Neumann
Teresa Neumann is a 20 yr old German girl who was blind and paralysed. On a Good Friday in 1926, she experienced a vision of St Therese of Lisleux. Following that, she was cured of her afflictions which she has underwent for the last 6 yrs. But then, every Friday, for 24 hours each time for the next 36 yrs until her death in 1962 she has been exhibiting marks of stigmata (as can be seen in the video below).

She usually falls into a trance and exhibit deep rectangular wounds to her hands which heals as quickly as it develops. Eye-witnesses have described her shedding tearlets of blood from her feet, her side & her forehead.

Video of Teresa Neumann:

Whether stigmata is fake or not does not matter to me. From a religious perspective, I see that it reinforces the belief system & faith of a person in religion. Therefore, it does no harm to the society or the world unlike some claims by a certain people that their dogma allows them to kill in the name of religion...and that they will be rewarded with God knows how many virgins waiting for them. And THAT....needs to be investigated. Period.

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St Francis D Assisi was the the first to have stigmata..


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