A Simple Meditation...

(for focusing and experiencing the power of Now)

We cannot live without oxygen but breathing is something that is taken for granted and given no importance in most people’s lives. In this first meditation below, concentration is on the breath…in the second it is using the breath…and the third puts these two things together. For when you are fully experiencing what you are doing, you are touching God or whatever God means to you.

The Breath
Find a quiet place to sit – a place you have made sacred space.
Sit with your back as straight as possible. Settle yourself in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and take 3 very big and deep breaths to clear your nose and lungs.
Breathe gently in and out in your own rhythm and concentrate on how it feels as the air moves in and out of your nose. When you are completely familiar with that follow the breath in and out of the lungs. Feel how it affects your body, does your pulse rate change - slowing on the in breath and speeding up on the out breath? Feel the difference in the depth of each breath and follow the flow of energy outward from the lungs and track it through the body. Allow the breath to take you deep into the meditative state.

Using the Breath
Find your comfortable position in sacred space and begin your meditation while concentrating on your breathing. Then with gentle open eyes, survey your room or surrounding space carefully memorizing where each thing is. Then close your eyes and picture the room or space in your mind, reconstructing and visualizing exactly where each and every thing is. When you have reconstructed the room in your mind to your satisfaction, open your eyes and check that you had it exactly right. Repeat the process until you get it correct. When the inner picture exactly reflects the outer one the focus is on the now, and you are one with your surroundings and the energy will have changed. Note all of the changes as they happen.

Refining the Focus
When you combine these two things and bring them into everyday life, you become fully and completely involved in the experience of living. The past has no power and the future is not in place, and you are living in the moment where the power is yours to create what you want. Start with the repetitive or mundane activities first then go on to more difficult things. Do each day for at least a week.

Initially it is helpful to sit in your meditation place and start the breathing to create the focus of living in the NOW, and then move on to doing normal daily duties. You will find you are not in a deeply meditative state but one of focused consciousness and heightened perceptions. When you are fully experiencing what you are doing, you are touching God. By having fully focused on what you are doing you unite with your higher self to enhance communications with the higher realms.

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