Antiques and Gold pieces found in Probolinggo, east Jawa , Indonesia.

Who would have thought that beneath a paddy field that one would find gold and antiques waiting to be found. Pieces from gold chain, bangles, kitchen utensils and spear have been found in this area which spreads for 50 sq meters wide prompting interest among relic hunters who come in daily to try their luck by digging in this area.

Image above: Relic hunting in progress

 Image above: Gold ring found

 Image above: Believed to be kitchen utensil

Other than the relics, brittle human bones were also found suggesting that the place could have once been a burial ground? Many traditions in the ancient times have the practice of burying ornaments including utensils used by the deceased and even gold. Some traditions believed that the ornaments would be used later by the deceased in the “afterlife” and in some cases it is pure sentiments that the body should not be sent off empty.

 Image (above): Human bones

Until today, historians have yet to determine the relics belonging to which era but the locals believe them to be at least a few hundred years old. Since there has not been any confirmation from the Indonesian authorities on these findings, the area is still not quarantined and the relic hunters are free to search for their luck. Meanwhile, the artifacts found have already found their way home to the house and shops of antique collectors after being sold for a good price.

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The powers of Om Mantra and the sound of Sun

The Om mantra, also known as the pranava mantra is which means that it sustains life and runs through our breath or prana energy. It is a root mantra from which all other mantras emanate in Hinduism texts. Patanjali, the father of Yoga in the wrote in the yoga sutras that when we chant this mantra repeatedly while contemplating on it, our thought becomes focused and one pointed. The experience of chanting this mantra can give a peaceful, calming and tranquil effect.

This sound has the ability to transform the water structure from a weak structure to a well structured into a six-pointed star water crystal form when the sound is blasted to vibrate on the water as can be seen from the images below:

Image above: Microscopic image of the ordinary tap water seems to have a lack of structure.

 Image above: Sound of Nasa Om blasted onto the water as can be seen by the ripples on the water.

Image above: The 6 pointed crystalline water structure formed after blasted with sound of Nasa Om (Microscopic view)

More details in the video above.

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