The Flying girl from Russia

Most of us have seen witches flying with brooms or Super heroes flying. Kids watching will try to often emulate without success. However, it was a different case with a kid, a little girl from Russia. This footage that you are about to see was accidentally caught by an amateur cameraman who videotaped the event while taking his dog out for a walk. In fact, it was the dog that lead him to the scene. The girl was just hovering on the air about 10 feet off the ground defying the laws of gravity. On seeing the cameraman, the girl and her mother immediately fled from the scene.

You can see it for yourself in this video that was broadcasted in a local TV station in the vicinity.

Here is another one with the shaking stabilized for a clearer view:

Well, it seems like Science have taught us that man have only 5 physical senses. This video may suggest further studies about the capabilities unknown to mankind and not taught in this little girl school going syllabus. Just food for thought.


It's really mind blowing! Is it real or not??
Mystique Earth said…
Hi @ Affordable Pet Movers,

Looking at the news report coverage it got, I think this could be real.

Not too sure why they were running. Probably, they were scared being alone in the woods in the presence of an unknown man.
It was shocking but I think it's true.
Mystique Earth said…
Hi @ Alaska Personal Injury Attorney,
I'm with you on this....
Seeing this video makes me believe in the flying girl.
Mystique Earth said…
Hi @ Birthday Gift Baskets,
I agree with you, doesn't look phoney at all. Good catch.
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Kiwifruit said…
Great blog you people have maintained there, I totally appreciate the work.
Mystique Earth said…
Hi @ Kiwifruit,

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