Third eye Meditation

Just sharing a video explaining what is 3rd Eye Chakra Meditation all about.
It is almost self-explanatory.

Meditational State


patricia said...

magnífico video, es increíble todo el potencial que yace en nuestro interior y la meditación permite que aflore!
gracias por este hermoso post, un abrazo!

Anonymous said...

i've read something about this 3rd eye previously, it certainly is intriguing, i guess to understand it better it's better to take a course in it, they have one called 'cakra alam'. i think there're some similarities with those 'chi' stuff in qigong

Alejandro Kreiner said...

No cabe duda que la meditación ayuda a despertar la conciencia.


Mystique Earth said...

Hola Patricia,
Está realmente. Tendemos a veces a olvidar qué miente debajo de nosotros. Estamos generalmente tan ocupados, eso que no tenemos a veces tiempo para tal práctica de la meditación. Sin la práctica para la mente, no sabemos cuál somos capaces. ¡un abrazo!

Mystique Earth said...

Hola Alejandro,
Muy verdad, Alejandro. No hay duda en absoluto eso dentro de mentiras de la mente el & más grande de la fuerza; misterios que aguardan para ser golpeado ligeramente.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Mr. Bluesman,
It is interesting to know that you have heard about "chi" from courses offered in Qigong or Cakra Alam.

If you participate in any such courses, especially, one that has really mastered well, you might be able to benefit well from such practice.

I have gone through quite a number of such training/courses. Some courses dont cut the mustard but some you do find it worthwhile.

There is a whole new meaning for relaxation when followed this techniques of breathing, meditation or just mere repetition of certain sounds which can really calm the mind.

Irvan said...

hi guys...
nice to see your blog
Ihave followed your blog ,please follow me again
thanks a lot for you

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Irvan,
I am following your blog now.


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