The Riot Dog

Photo: The dog barking at the riot Police.
(They are too busy to notice this dog)

I came across an interesting news about a dog. I don’t know what to call it, wonder dog or a confused dog. This incident took place in Greece. Amidst the protesters marching, this dog mysteriously never misses an occasion to take part in these protests too. And it is not with the good side of the law. Should we call him a bandit dog? Well, this dog already has a few nick-names such as the "rebel dog", "protest dog" and "riot dog" & already found it's way to the facebook. There is even a fan page dedicated to this dog.

Photo: Dog seen in Action. Fire-bomb thrown & the dog jumps to protest. But actually, this startled dog seen here seems to be reacting to a tear gas bomb exploding. Probably is screaming in pain, too. (A pitiful sight!)

Photo: The protesters may have fled the fire but the privileged dog stayed put.
Hmmmm...this is one "hot dog".

Photo:This time around the dog barks catches the attention of 3 riot police.
(I wonder what they are thinking...)

The above are some photos captured where this dog was seen in demonstrations & barks at the riot police (protesting God knows what). Where most people are airing their grouses in regards to the economic situation of their country, this dog wants its piece of say, too. Unfortunately, there was no translator for the dog when it made its barking speech that got the standing ovation from both sides of the law.
Ruff, ruff… …wow …ruff..ruff…

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patricia said...

no había traductor para el perro pero se ve que estaba en desacuerdo con este desastre que está pasando!!! es evidente la nobleza de los perros, amigos adorables hasta en los momentos más duros.
amo a los perros!!!!!
un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

He sure is one confused dog and i hope that he's not confused because of the severe economic situation being faced by Greece currently.

Mystique Earth said...

LOL, Mr. Bluesman,
Just wanted to add a light reading material as most of my topics are usually the serious ones. Perhaps, the dog dislikes Men in Uniform..

Alejandro Kreiner said...

Es curioso que un perro sin entrenar no huya con el ruido de las bombas.


Mystique Earth said...

Los perros se han sabido siempre para ser man' mejor amigo de s. Por supuesto, hay también los incidentes que sucedieron absolutamente contrariamente a esta declaración. Esta historia me ha sorprendido realmente & cogió mi atención cómo fuera de ninguna parte este perro se ve siempre en la luz de calcio de la atención hasta que cogiera la atención de los medios. Imagínese, un facebook también se ha creado para este perro. Un abrazo.

Mystique Earth said...

Hola Alejandro,
Realmente, usted tiene un punto sobre eso también. I didn' t incluso lo considera esa manera. Parece como los instintos naturales de un perro parece estar en el control.

lifeshighway said...

Dog of the Apocalypse. Next come locust or golf ball sized hail or something. I am a little weak on the end of the world signs.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi @ Lifeshighway,
How are you? It's been awhile. I like your new blog, "cheeproom", a blog dedicated just about birdhouses. It is indeed one of a kind.

Regarding "dog of the apocalypse", i don't buy that either. Just because a dog has been spotted numerous times does not mean it indicates the beginnning of end of the world. Some people just want a reason to say it is Armageddon. Not me though. I prefer to live fully & enjoy whatever life has to offer & not worry about these things.

Word on armageddon or apocalypse has been going on for decades or centuries. So much of people wasted a lot of energy in fear and was futile.

To me, just be a good person for as long as your heart beats. Make this world a better place by contributing whatever simple tasks you can do no matter how simple it is. That's how i see it.

Anonymous said...

Karu-san, the post is a welcome change, this is what i mean by taking a walk for a while

Mystique Earth said...

Mr. Hans @ Bluesman,
Thank you. I was trying to recall if you had mentioned about the phrase "taking a walk for a while" in your previous posts or if it was just a figurative speech.

I just changed a little bit of my often seriously monotonous kind of writing. I didn't like the prospect of possibly boring the readers of my blog.

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Karu-san, both as a figure of speech as well as in some of my blog posts

Mystique Earth said...

Mr. Blueman,
I'll remember that. Certainly a good tip especially one that's coming from a veteran person with journalism background. Thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

Karu-san, i've no journalism background, just faking it only heh3x

Mystique Earth said...

LOL..Mr. Bluesman. I didn't knew that. A'way, you still sound like a bonafide ex-editor.

Anonymous said...

Karu-san, the nearest you could ever call me as an editor was for the company's monthly newsletter at one time and that was only for 6 issues before somebody else took over.

Mystique Earth said...

LOL. Mr. Bluesman, you're just simply being humble. You were so good at your job, you were able to retire early & enjoy life as it is.

I'm happy for you & i also liked reading your blog posts.

Anonymous said...

thanks bro' but what are you trying to do? blow me out of the roof by praising me that high and thanks for liking my blog too btw.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Mr. Hans,
Relax, bro. Just telling you the truth from the bottom of my heart.

Take it easy & enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

your heart must be heavy for carrying all those nice remarks about me, don't get too stressed out by them my friend

Mystique Earth said...

Hmmmmm..... I think my sincere comments must have disturbed you. My apologies if it has.

My heart ain't heavy...
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Karu-san, no apologies required, i was just pulling yr leg bro', heh3x take care my friend and carry on blogging.

Mystique Earth said...

Mr. Hans,
Naughty you. For awhile, you really did got me a little worried there. Glad i didn't offend you. Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

hey bro' i'm made of a much stronger stuff, so no worry.

So how's the GAS (Gerakan Anti Samy)today, will the old feller leave the party very soon or you're not into local politics, i'm just a busy body only.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Mr Hans,

Well, I was truly not a very good fan of our own "Uncle Sam". It's time for him to go but he doesn't seem to be budging.

I do have another friend who shares similar opinion about him in KL. Don't know if he attended. There were sms going around where 20 buses fm Penang were sponsored specially to oppose this Sammy guy.

But I have always heard that he normally & strategically has a herd of notorious guys at the floor just to take care of those who oppose his views. Otherwise, he would not have stayed long.

Many years ago, someone from the crowd shouted at him to pawn his wife's jewellery when he asked the people to do so to help aid the govetment. That man who shouted was later bashed up.

I have always noticed the bad guys are the ones who live long & last longer than the good ones.

Well, that's politics.

Anonymous said...

Some people just like to overstay their welcome, but then the good guys like to leave early to go to heaven.

Mystique Earth said...

Mr. Hans
Well said Mr. Hans.


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