What is wrong with people these days? In their fit of road rage, even robots are not spared! What did a little harmless robot did to deserve such an outrageous and inhumane treatment. Yes, robots are created by humans, they do not possess a soul, they are not living beings but they are designed to serve a purpose to help mankind. They do not loaf about, they do not commit crime, they don’t gossip, they just work and work until they breakdown.

 The co-creators of HitchBOT
HitchBOT was the brainchild of two Canadian social scientists, Frauke Zeller and David Harris Smith. The experiment was meant to spark a discussion about trust, notions of safety and about our attitude towards technology. 

 The label on HitchBOT which includes with instructions and info about this robot

It was a helpless robot though a talkative one snaps photos every 20 minutes to document its travels. The robot was set on a journey seeking the kindness of travelers who would give it a ride or otherwise to place the robot at a prominent place where others may able to take notice of it. It has successfully travelled from Canada through Germany and Netherlands until fate determined its course in USA.
HitchBOT waits for a ride
 HitchBOT gets lucky
It's my lunch hour... LOL
The BOT enjoying a BOAT ride

HitchBOT in USA
On July 17, the hitchhiking tour started from Marblehead, Massachusets right up to Boston where it had a pleasure on a Red Sox game. Its short stint in USA only lasted for two weeks. HitchBOT met its fate in Philadelphia where it was irretrievably damaged. No thanks to the person responsible for damaging this robot, now the journey of this cute robot is abruptly stopped.

 The happy teen couple excited with the "guest" in the car
HitchBOT "enjoying" a game at the stadium...LOL
Meet the new anchor at the NBC show. Guess who is going to be the guest in this show.

The creators of this robot was sent an image of this vandalized robot below but at the time of press were unable to track the robot due to dead battery. 

The team monitoring the movement of the hitchBOT said in a statement, “Sometimes bad things happen to good robots.” So, last tweet sent out reads as follows, “My trip must come to an end now, but my love for humans will never fade. Thanks friends. (@hitchbot) Aug 1, 2015.” By this time of this writing, HitchBOT already has a twitter following of 58.6 thousand followers.
Hitchbot, it is time to call your big brother Optimus Prime to teach your bully a lesson on vandalism.

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