This is a story about a young Indian woman who was allegedly molested when she slept in the rooftop of her home in Lucknow city, Northern India. After the attack, she turned to the Red Brigade, a women’s group that helps victims of harassment and provide protection towards young girls from sexual abuse.

In the video above you can see how furious the lady is towards the alleged molester

The Red Brigade managed to track down the man who was accused of molesting and took him to the alleged victim for him to apologize before surrendering him to the Police. However, things didn’t turn out the way it was anticipated as the angry young woman took turns to repeatedly slap him on his face while others looked on. He was pleading and bargaining with her for forgiveness before she hit him so hard until he fell to his knees. She continued to slap and beat him on his back while scolding him with no mercy shown despite his pleas. While this was going on, the council of the elders took their chairs and was seated and watched this drama unfold.

 Image above: The man pleads for forgiveness

 Image above: The victim slaps the man

 Image above: The man falls down after the woman repeatedly slaps and beats the crap out of him

In this case, the damage was done and you cannot reverse the time. Otherwise, if this episode did not unfold, the possibilities are probably she might live with the fear of men who might chance upon molesting or hurting her again when she is alone or she might just brush this incident as inevitable and thank God that she was not raped. For men in general, or other would be rapists who read this news would probably think ,well, this happened to that man and it would not probably happen to me and still may proceed with their crime when the opportunities arise. Overall, the impact is minimal but still the efforts of the Red Brigade troop are praiseworthy.

2.  Yui Nyan


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