In a video that allegedly taken by National Electricity Board (TNB) worker recently, a ladder appears to be walking by itself. This footage says it was taken at a power plant in Manjung when this odd incident occurred around 2pm.

The ladder appears to be taking steps like humans do. The footage was uploaded in Facebook Friends of PDRM (Police Force Malaysia). The footnote on the video further claimed that the work was abruptly stopped as the workers were scared to be at the site after witnessing this odd incident.

Image: Ladder walks by itself
Another facebook user, Rai Sha however dispelled that the incident never took place at the proclaimed site and claimed that someone is trying to mislead people by giving incorrect statement.

Rai Sha further added, if you see the footage carefully, there appears to be a blur figure moving the ladder. If it was wind blowing the ladder, it would have stopped by the drain grilles on the ground. But this ladder seems to take a long walk and this is by far beyond the means of any types of wind. Furthermore, it was a power plant and inside a building. Since it was not an open space, chances of strong wind are highly unlikely. He cautions “don’t’ ever say that Satans do not exist, it is always present irrespective of whether it is daytime or night.”

I do not know whether to believe this or not. Could it be a clever rope trick? With the right software tools, one can even appear to look like teleporting. As for now, I leave it up to the readers to decide whether this is real or to call it bluff. Excuse me; I am going to keep my ladder outside, just in case it decides to go out for a tea break. Bye.

2.  MikeDhom

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