Just few days before I wrote about an 11 year old giving birth to a boy in Malaysia, here comes another one. What is wrong with people these days? She was just 10 years old when she was raped. The girl who is now 11 years old from Asuncion, Paraguayan is to give birth via C-section today. No thanks to the inconsiderate stepfather who took advantage of this little girl while still in her puberty age. At a time where girls her age are attending school, going to the library, learning to cook and playing with her girlfriends, this poor girl has to carry a child.

Image above:  The child holding a placard that reads "Sexual child abuse never again, screams without voice," at a demo in front of the AG's office.

Groups tried to fight for abortion but failed
This case had prompted international protests from UN, Amnesty International and around the world to demand from the Paraguayan authorities for the girl to terminate her pregnancy as this country forbids abortion. Paraguay is a country that permits for abortion only when the life of the woman or girl in this question is at serious risk of pregnancy.

Elizabeth Torres, lawyer, told the girl is being treated in Paraguayan Red Cross hospital and is in stable condition “though somewhat anxious.”

Her mother
Her mother who was earlier arrested on alleged charges of child neglect and complicity had been released on parole. She told CNN that she tried to get help but was dismissed by the prosecutors. By the time this case was reported on May, the girl was already 5 months pregnant leading to the imprisonment of the alleged rapist. She will have legal guardianship of both the young mother and her baby.

The feelings of young rape victims
In a separate incident involving another 11 year old that gave birth to twins, when asked on how she felt about her rapist (her neighbor) now being in jail, she replied, “I want him to be killed because he has stopped me from going to school.”

Although we have laws that forbid this crime, somehow it does not seem to deter irresponsible men from this heinous crime. Would drastic action as seen in the video below help? This video is very very graphic and is meant for 18 years above.

Video above: An alleged rapist is punished by cutting off his penis
I am not too sure about this. If a man had been wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit, they would not be able to render the damage that they have brought.

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3. Photo credit: Peter Prengaman

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