I cannot believe that in this 21st Century, we still have men practicing laws similar to that which was practiced a few centuries ago. An unelected village council called a “panchayat” made up of all male had ordered a 23 year old Meenakshi Kumari and her teenage sister, 15 year old to be raped as punishment because their brother ran off with a married woman. They are also to be paraded naked with their faces blackened. A man is innocent until proven guilty, but over here, the man who did the crime could not be apprehended and so they found the easy way out is to grab the innocent next of kin to meet out the punishment. What rubbish!!

Image above: The outraged ladies following the Delhi bus gang rape in 2012. Whole India was shocked by this incident. Barely 3 years later, in the same vicinity, this clowns in "panchayat" are imposing rape as a form of punishment. What is wrong with these people?

Amnesty International
This outrageous order was revealed by the Amnesty International which confirmed that the sisters and their family members have fled their village in the district of Baghpat, outside of Delhi. Amnesty International has condemned this village ruling and had started a petition on this subject.

The chronology of event leading to this stupid form of punishment:
1. The two sister’s brother, Ravi fell in love with a girl from a higher caste. Ravi it was reported as being in low “untouchable” caste called the Dalit caste while the girl he loved was from a Jat caste which is a higher caste. (Yes, these people evidently still practice the caste system)

2. They were forcefully separated by the girl’s parents due to this caste system where she was later married off to another man in February.

3. The Jat girl escapes from her in laws home and eloped with Ravi on March 22. Ravi's family are very concerned for the safety of this girl who is believed to be pregnant with Ravi's child.

4. Ravi’s family was allegedly tortured by the Police and the members of the Jat community

5. The “Panchayat”, the all men Jat village ruling then decided that the boy’s family should be dishonored to avenge the brother’s deed.

6. The 23-year-old Dalit girl from Bhagpat district in her petition to the SC has sought protection for her and her family.

7. The girl in her complaint to the Apex court has also mentioned that their family home in the village was ransacked and taken over by the Jat community members following which they escaped to Delhi.

8. According to reports, the court has now issued notice to UP government seeking its response in the matter within two weeks.

I think these all male village council are made up of sadists who are sex starved and are taking opportunity to moot out this punishment so that they are able to see some young flesh of the female gender. They are probably not exposed to uncensored pictures of women and hard up for something to see. Oh, of course, while they are racists of practicing caste system, this is done in the name of punishment so that the rest of the villagers do not deem them as sex maniacs but as men of high integrity and values. Someone please call 911 to engage the firemen to douse their sadistic sexual appetite.

For those who wish to help the sister, Meenakshi to sign the petition, please do so at the given link: 

1.  Zee Media
4. BBC

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