An 11 year old girl from Bahau, Negeri Sembilan Malaysia gave birth to a baby boy in a private clinic on Wednesday morning. Jempol Police OCPD confirmed this and said that the girl’s grandmother took her to a private clinic when she complained of abdominal pains. She was in total shock when the doctor broke to her that the little girl was actually experiencing labour pains. The Police have stepped up investigation and told that the girl lived with her parents in Bahau.

This is not the first time we are hearing the sort of news that we are not pleased to hear. On May 15, 2010, a 9 year old Chinese girl from Penang, Malaysia gave birth to a healthy boy. The parents however did not press charges against the boy or rather the “father boy” who was just their 14 year old neighbor. 

The above is a photo of an 11 year old Mexican girl that gave birth to a baby boy after 31 weeks of pregnancy. The premature infant weighed 3.3 pounds was born by Caesarian section at the Women’s Hospital in the city of Puebla. Imagine a little girl giving birth in a women’s hospital!

What is happening? Just before we are quick to judge that these cases are due to the influence of internet porn and lewd pictures, we might also consider the case of Sally Deweese. She was from Butler County, Kentucky, USA who was just 10 years old when she gave birth to a baby girl on April 20, 1834. This was reported by Dr. D. Rowlett who delivered the baby weighing 7.75 pounds. She allegedly developed breasts within weeks of birth and began menstruating at 12 months.

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marta larkin said…
A teen mother, with no fear of childbirth, shows how the birth experience can be quite different than the way most women picture and experience it to be. Told from the viewpoint of her Doula, or her childbirth support professional, this piece raises the questions of how different the birth experiences of American women could be if they viewed birth the way this 11 year old girl did.
Mystique Earth said…
Indeed Rasal Khan. This little girl's childhood was robbed by an irresponsible person. While girls her age are growing up and doing all the things preteens would do, this girl has become a mother.
Mystique Earth said…
Hi Marta,
The fact that the girl had no fear of childbirth could also probably be because the girl had very little idea about what is coming up during childbirth. Her Doula in her excitement may have discounted this fact.

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