Sabitha Monis who comes from a remote and rural village from Belthangady, Karnataka, India was born without hands due to a genetic deformity. The positive spirited and determined woman who walked alone for 1.5 miles daily to college did not allow her conditions to deprive her from her scholarly ambitions. She uses her legs to do almost anything that we use our hands for including using the computers, handphone, writing, reading, drinking or even when she needs to exercise her rights, she votes using her toes.
During her primary school years while the other classmates were using their hands she just used her legs to write for the exam and turned out first in the class. Looking at her educational performance, Dr. Mohan Alva of the Alva Educational Trust, Moodbidri was extremely kind enough to provide her with free higher education. She completed her education as far as Ph.D. in Social Work.

Sabitha a recipient of state Rajyotsava award also expresses her gratitude and success owing to another philanthropist, Dr. Appa Swamy Gowda who is based in America. Dr Appa was moved by her courage and determination established contact with her family to financially support her in any endeavor. Her gratitude includes a mention of Mangalore University that allowed her additional time of 30 minutes in view of her condition during exam.

The inspiring woman who works as a Student Welfare Officer at Alva’s college says, “Nothing is impossible. It is our mindset that makes us feel that we are not able to achieve anything. We make much of our pain and sorrow. Instead, if we face it courageously, we can face life and challenge it.”

Sabitha’s story should encourage anyone who amidst facing obstacles in life to not easily succumb to the condition without giving a full fight and to have the will of iron, confidence and courage to meet the problems in the eye. In another words, never allowing limitation or hardships to come in the way of your ambitions. As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Henry Lewis -
“She voted with her toe” – Kevin Mendonsa (Times of India)
Jana Melpolder – Openequalfree

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