The Secrets of a Fake Levitating "Yogi" Exposed

It is funny as i find that the Powers of Creativity is being abused for selfish needs. What is it with people that make them go around trying to fool others? Are they trying to impress others to gain popularity due to their own low self-esteem? Or are they doing this to make a daily living from people who look upon them with awe & reverence? There is a saying that a camera cannot lie. Unfortunately, a camera is not capable of detecting lies as well.

It was quite amusing to see the paranormal detective doing his strut to expose this fake artist. Check this one out. It was quite an interesting discovery that this trick has been used for a long time to fool people.

Image Below: Image of levitation during ancient time draws a lot of crowd who are mesmerized by this performance. These "Super duper yogis (fake) get a lot of attention and goodies in the process of demonstrating their "skills". However, real yogis who are bestowed with "Siddhi" and can actually perform shun from such activities of show-offs.

Image below: Now to this modern day "yogi" who is set to accomplish a similar feat who is unfortunately not so lucky as the Holiness below is not bestowed with precognition/premonition (psychic gift for advance knowledge of the future)

Image below: Authorities with the help of Psychic investigator bust his performance. Note how he is now in seated position from the same platform. He calmly looks down and is assisted to come out of his "throne".

Image below: This is the real levitating device. The "Yogi" has been sitting on this stool which is supported by the rod all the while...while his eyes shut in "deep meditation". Or perhaps, he was doing a mental calculation of the amount of money the public was willing to donate for his "outstanding" or "out-sitting" performance.

In the video footage below, you can see it all in sequence.

First video (above): A Super Yogi doing a "Super Stunt".

Second video: A Shaman performing Levitation in the dark

I don't know about this one. Could it be that this is a trick performed to gain fame? Or are there some unseen beings lifting him in the dark? I can't say for sure. But he sure looks tired & is panting after the "performance". But, why the need to go through such pain? I wonder why...?

Sit back n enjoy....

Patrice Laborda
BBC Prime Media


lifeshighway said...

The African Shaman does a more convincing show than the Yogi. I would like to believe that if I could actually levitate, I would at least break a sweat.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi @ lifeshighway,
Yes indeed, it was quite surprising that the imposter Yogi was really calm & composed.

There wasn't a slightest show of embarassment to his face when the Psychic Investigator asks him to get up from his hidden "chair".

The African Shaman's feat looks more like Supernatural stuff. I was wondering why he was willing to go through such torturous moments just for the sake of an experience in levitation.

TJ Lubrano said...

Man! Who would have thought that such a simple construction deceived many so people over time.

Yeah, I was also surprised by the lack of embarrassment from the Yogi. He got exposed, still no sign of anger.

The Shaman looks indeed more real and a lot more tiring. Why he wanted to go through something like this? I don't know, but for some people, being able to do something most people can't, is more rewarding and they are willing to face the consequences.

Thanks for sharing ^_^! Take care!

Mystique Earth said...

Hi TJ,
You do have a point there about the Shaman. Being able to do what others can't do may have perks waiting for him in his village.

Since he is a medicine man, this could be just his way to advertise so that his medicine can sell better. More locals who witness this may talk about it & spread the word around.

Soon enough, people with any kind of problems will be looking for him for a solution.

Anonymous said...

aha why do they need to go through such pain? well i don't think they experience pain the kind of pain that we normally feel, their mind has gone beyond the ability to feel pain and so there's actually no pain at all. That levitation? i don't know how they do it in real life but i've seen Jackie Chan did it in one of his movies.....and it looks so easy!

Anonymous said...

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patricia said...

hola! muy buen post! hay gente que está dispuesta a creer cualquier cosa!!!!
un placer pasar por aquí!

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Patricia,
Thanks for the visit & your comments.

kamagra said...

Interesting post, to be honest, I don't believe in this kind of things because the paranormal phenomena are distinct from certain hypothetical entities, such as dark matter and dark energy and I am a Catholic guy , only insofar as paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with the world as already understood. 23jj

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Kamagra,
I respect your opinion. I look at these from 2 angles. Where paranormal powers are concerned there is a white energy and also dark energy. Depends which ones we tap. History has taught us that all the prophets have performed countless miracles which are associated with the former energy.

As for the cheating guy in the video, he is probably making a living out of deluding people.

cheap viagra said...

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Mystique Earth said...

Hi Viagra,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on this subject.

pharmacy said...

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Mystique Earth said...

Hi @ Pharmacy,
Glad you liked it.


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