Call it fanatic or stupidity; I don’t know what to say really. In the latest ludicrous propaganda going over in the social media, a favourite local breakfast meal, Nasi Lemak has been dubbed as a Jew’s agenda to propagate the Freemason and Illuminati. It was just an innocent favourite meal but now the meal has turned into a cult. Beware, if you eat this ‘Nasi Lemak’, it will also eat you in return! Yeah, and since it is triangle shaped, it would next probably be affiliated with the pyramids. Then, they are going to say that the UFO’s are going to land on this Nasi Lemak, and if you are somewhere near it or even eating it, the aliens are going to abduct you, take you for a vacation to Mars, and send you to Pluto for a course in Architecture so that you can learn to build more pyramids on the moon.

What did this nut had to say about the rice coated with curry, topped with some items like anchovies and peanuts with egg (bulls eye egg actually) decorated on top this tiny heap of rice? The original script was in Malay, so I had to translate it into English. Here’s what they say:

Image above: The bulls eye egg that lays on top of 'Nasi Lemak' (heap of rice)
Many are not aware that the famous Nasi Lemak with egg (bulls eye egg) that happens to be on our breakfast menu list is none other than the Jews agenda that is linked to Freemason and Illuminati.

Why? Look for yourself!!
·         The egg is shaped like an eye or “all seeing eye” which happens to be the Freemason’s symbol
·         The Nasi Lemak is intentionally designed to be shaped like a pyramid which again happens to be the symbol of the Freemason and the Illuminati
·         The roasted peanuts that are reddish in colour is the symbol of the Red Bean Army. (Say what?)
·         The curry which is coated on the rice refers to the “blood brotherhood” which is the foundation of the Freemason Union
·         The Nasi Lemak which is rich in fats and cholesterol that can cause the consumer to become sleepy and unproductive will soon lead to diseases such as heart disease, etc. This is Jews agenda to weaken the strength of the Malays.

Therefore, we must boycott Nasi Lemak with eggs. Boycott, Boycott! Freemason Agenda!
Well, in a nutshell, despite the peanuts on the rice, some people are just going nuts and making mountains out of a mere Nasi Lemak. Despite all modernization, technologies, exposure to modern thinking, some people still prefer to go backwards in time. If time stands still, this people will still be walking, and walking backwards. However, the Nasi Lemak Freemason author forgot to mention his theories on Nasi Lemak Udang, Sotong, Ikan etc (rice coated with prawns, squids, and fish). When talk of ‘sotong’, I am reminded of LGBT and I hope he will not start over another theory. I rest my eggs! Oh... and yes, if Willie Nelson ever stumbles into this blog post, he will probably be then singing, 'To all the eggs I've ate before ...........) And once again, I rest my eggs!!

Image: Now they have got this chicken puzzled !!

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