The Red Shirt Leader, Mohd Jamal had urged the government to immediately resolve the non-Malay monopoly in Petaling Street and the sale of counterfeit products in the place which is also known as the Chinatown. He warned that the coming Saturday may end up in riot if the government failed to do anything about this issue. The Red Shirt Rally also known as ‘Himpunan Melayu Bersatu’ (Assembly of United Malays) who is mostly made up of Malays supporting the present ruling elite party, UMNO. They had a gathering on September 16 wearing Red T-Shirts to show support to the Prime Minister and to send the message to the organizers of Bersih 4.0 that the UMNO has strength too.

Image above: Jamal (second from left) smiling his way out. It appears as this man is enjoying all the attention he is getting from the medias lately, an attention for all the wrong reasons.
Jamal said that if the authorities do not take action, there’s a 99% chance of another rally on this Saturday and possibly might turn up into riot. He said that he had already met with the Chief Director of Enforcement (KPDNKK) and made his requests pertaining to the matter.

Jamal had earlier claimed that Petaling Street is monopolized by the Chinese and urged the area be shared with the Malay traders. Most of the Chinese traders there are not in favour of his request and suggested so that Jamal would seek from the authorities to open the space for the Malay traders to trade in a different location.

Previously, on September 16, Jamal’s group from the Red Rally had met the brunt of the FRU when they tried to enter this area during the rally. The Police only gave permit to gather for the Malay martial arts, PESAKA at Padang Merbok but these Red Shirts took matters into their own hands by going to prohibited places. The Red Shirts started calling the Police force Chinese lackeys ‘Barua Cina’ for not allowing them to enter. When they Reds started to throw bottles and cones at the Police, the FRU unit fired the water cannon seeing the Reds running helter skelter at all directions.

Coming Saturday apparently happens to be the third day of the Hari Raya Aidiladha, a day Muslims celebrate religious festival. The mayor has not approved the rally which is scheduled to be on Saturday.

What I don’t understand is that initially when the idea of Red Shirts started off; it was more to show the strength of the UMNO supporters. Now it seems to divert to Petaling Street. This street had for decades been a Chinese traders’ area and also a popular tourist centre. Why now the sudden focus in this area?

What really is the agenda of Jamal behind these claims? His focus seems to be shifting from business and now to creating a riot. Isn’t this a seditious claim by Jamal? Datuk Seri Khairuddin was detained today under SOSMA Act under section 124K and 124L where he could be detained without trial for up to 29 days. These acts are only enforced on a person who is deemed to sabotage the nation. How is Dato Jamal seen here? Isn’t he also doing something that is detrimental to the nation or is he going to walk around scott free to do the damages he so desires.

This Jamal fellow is like loose cannon. And loose cannons should not only be monitored, but the right action should be taken before the cannon bursts out and make irretrievable damages to the nation. I don’t think this fellow has the best interest in the nation and it is high time the authorities step on the pedal to do something about this loudmouth as there are only 2 days left for the D-Day.


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