Recently, Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reiterated that Umno was not a racist party and has never played the racial card. He stressed that the Sept 16 gathering was never about race but to show the strength of Umno. Like, Really? Wasn't there any traces of unruly behaviour among the Red Shirt protestors? Let us recap some of the incidents that took place...

He said “Umno is not just strong in rural areas but also in urban areas,” adding that the gathering was peaceful. Najib said that Umno respects the other races but would not accept if its leaders were insulted or the dignities of the Malays were threatened. “We believe in Barisan Nasional’s consensus of power sharing.

“We never asked shops to close or for Kuala Lumpur to be deserted on Sept 16.
“There were no posters to stoke racial tension on that day, no posters of a bloody keris or any incidents of people stomping the pictures of non-Malay leaders during the gathering,” he said, adding that it was a gathering to show support for the Government.

He said that there were many estimates about the crowd from 35,000 to 200,000.
“I am not sure. Maybe many thousands,” he said at the launch of the Muar Umno division headquarters here.
Najib also urged party members to refrain from attacking and finding fault with each other.
Citing an example, he said that people should not become those who korek kapal (puncture a ship) as this would lead to everyone sinking with the ship. “We should instead be a kapal korek (sand dredger) which is helpful as it helps remove sand in a river,” he said, referring to the allegations being levelled against him.

Najib reiterated that he understood the responsibilities of a leader and the struggles of the party.
He added that each leader would want to take the people and nation to a better place and not destroy everything which had been built. Each prime minister or Umno president, he said, always strived to make the country better. “Do not just harp on other people’s mistakes. “Previously street demonstrations were illegal but now you make appearances there. “Previously you said not to work with foreign correspondents clubs but now you are doing the opposite,”

Let's see for a moment:
Sept 16 was never about race card?
Image above: The banner about Malay dignity. Isn't this talking about a particular race? So what is then the 1Malaysia rhetoric campaign all about. You may as well make up your mind now whether it is 1Malaysia or 1raceinMalaysia.

Was the rally peaceful?
Video above has a story to tell about the 'peaceful' nature of the red rally supporters
 Image above: Are these actions of FRU deployed here when the rally is filled with peace loving people?

There were no posters to stoke racial tension on that day?

Image above: A picture of opposition veteran Lim Kit Siang in red with the caption in yellow reminding 'Don't instigate Malay hatred like previous 13 Mei'. I see this more like intimidation and warning. So how is this action not translated as stoking racial tension? Lim Kit Siang did not play a pivotal role in Bersih. So why implicate his name.

 Video above: More racial slurs by the participants of the red rally protestors

Mr. Honorable Prime Minister Najib, kindly please consider the intelligence of the people you are addressing to. The whole nation had witnessed the incidents which was available by various sources but you are speaking something contrary to what had actually happened thus reducing the credibility of your claims. The people do not like to be lied on as much as you dislike people discrediting your views.

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