A 5 year old girl hypnotized animals with her soft tone of voice and stroke of her hands to an amazed panel of judges in a Chinese reality show called the Impossible Challenge. This show is similar to Britain’s Got Talent. It was reported that the girl, Han Jiaying first discovered her talent a year ago when someone brought a frog to her kindergarten in which she hypnotized.

Video above: Watch the girl attempt to hypnotize the animals to sleep

There were 5 animals that were put to test which included a dog, chicken, rabbit, frog and a lizard. She was saying, “Sleep dog, sleep dog otherwise Daddy will be angry, Sleep chicken, sleep otherwise Brother will hit you” and the crowd began to laugh with her invocation dialogue. She stroked each animal while talking to the animals to go to sleep and then laid them on their back.

Image above: Jiaying putting the lizard under her spellbound

In the beginning, it appeared as the animals were instantly under a trance until the dog and frog got up shortly which drew laughter from the panel judges. She ran back to the animals that woke up and repeated her procedure until all the animals were motionless under her spell for a few seconds to the amazement of all.

Video above: One of the surprised panel judge who later gave Jiaying her support
After a few seconds of spellbound, she then commanded them to wake up, and sure enough, all the animals rose up by themselves instantly.

Image above: In the end, Jiaying commands all the animals to wake up and they sure enough did it spontaneously at the same time.
In the end, it was the time of the 3 panel judges to decide whether it was a go or no go for her talent. The two male judges gave their reasoning why they were not impressed and gave her the red light meaning she failed to impress them. But, the female judge who was impressed with her performance gave her the green light in support of her performance to a smiling Jiaying.

Some experts who viewed the video told GB Times that the trick uses a natural reflex called “tonic immobility” or “apparent death”. Some animals appear as temporarily paralyzed in response to an external threat such as a predator. Humans can also induce the tonic mobility by gently restraining an animal especially when on its side or its back.

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