He works as an air conditioner mechanic by the day and shifts to driving taxi by the night. With such busy work schedule the tireless philanthropist still has the time to feed the homeless. He cooks up to 30 kilograms of Indian food comprising of rice, chickpeas and vegetarian curry for FREE. No wonder this migrant cabbie, Tejari Pal Singh was hence named “Australian of the Day’ for his efforts that he has carried out for the past 3 years.

 Video above: Tejari Pal Singh using his van to bring food for the homeless

Service to the northern Darwin community
He drives in a van that carries a signature written as “Free Indian food for hungry and needy people, provide Sikh family. Tejari Singh dedicates the last Sunday of the month to feed the poor and homeless locals of northern Darwin community after he finishes his shift as a cabbie. Although there were response from well wishers who wished to provide him with the monetary support, he rejects it. Instead, he asks the fellow community members to donate pots, pans and other items of use.

Tejari quoted as saying
“I do something for the homeless people so they get more energy, so they are happy. My religion says 10% of your income goes toward needy and poor people – no matter they belong to your religion or any religion.”

 Image above: 'The Australian cabbie' seated with his son

He spends a lot of time at work and looks like he is not getting sufficient sleep. On top of that, he is driving a cab at night. He believes that by the act of his giving, it has provided him with the energy to continue effortlessly. I wish he will stay healthy. God bless this man.

Picture credit: Jaspreet Sahni
 Fateh Channel


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