An arrogant male nurse of Philippines origin had to face the brunt of the law for making a seditious post via his facebook. This is what they say your arrogance can be your liabilities.

A Singapore court on Monday sentenced a Filipino nurse to 4 months imprisonment for posting seditious comments on Facebook against Singaporeans and lying to police investigators.
Ello Ed Mundsel Bello, 29, a former employee of government-run Tan Tock Seng Hospital, had posted comments on Facebook in January insulting Singaporeans and calling for the takeover of the city-state by his countrymen.

Historical fact
Singapore, a densely populated immigrant nation which suffered racial riots in the 1960s, uses sedition laws to clamp down on locals and foreigners found to have incited ethnic tensions.

His Damaging statement
In a Facebook post on January 2, Bello wrote: “Singaporeans are loosers (losers) in their own country, we take their jobs, their future, their women and soon we will evict all SG loosers (losers) 
out of their own country hahaha.”

Image above: The comment that said it all. Behind this handsome looking face lurks a racist who is too arrogant to realize his origins .....

In a subsequent comment, Bello said “we will kick out all the Singaporeans and SG will be the new filipino state”.

State of denial
After an outcry from Singaporeans, Bello took down his posts and claimed to police investigators that his account had been hacked by an unknown person. But he eventually admitted posting the comments. Prosecutors said Bello’s misleading statements to the police aggravated his original offences and led to “unnecessary wastage” of investigative resources.

Prison sentence
State Courts Judge Siva Shanmugam sentenced Bello to three months in jail for sedition in relation to his Facebook posts, and another month for lying to police who investigated him following complaints from the public. They had sought a sentence of five months in prison to “send a clear message to like-minded individuals that such behaviour will not be tolerated”.

The Filipino community in Singapore is estimated at more than 170,000. A staggering 40 % of Singapore’s population consists of foreigners. That is about 5.5 million of foreign labour in this country. The wealthy city-state depends heavily on foreign workers due to its low fertility rate and equally a lack of interests among certain jobs that are then being offered to the foreign labour.

Singaporeans who have written or published racist comments about other ethnic groups as well as foreigners have also been prosecuted. It is a surprise to note that the behavior of this Filipino male nurse in this situation. Instead of expressing gratitude for being employed in Singapore and being paid in Singapore currency, something which he cannot expect in his own country he vents out his ill filled notions for his fellow Singaporeans which is hard to be grasped. As the popular saying goes,"Even A Fish Will Not Get Into Trouble If It Knows When To Keep It's Big Mouth Shut!!!


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