The act of young man pretending to be a blind beggar was unfolded when the man was caught counting his money in the commuter. This was spotted by another passenger, Ms. Yan who reported the matter in a local daily Shin Min.

Image above: Busted!! The blind man's drama is flashed in the media for all to see. He may find that his 'earnings' might have a serious drop the next day and he'll probably be blaming it on the Dow Jones...

The incident took place on last Friday, Sep 18 when the lady was heading to Geylang Serai. She said that the beggar pretending to be blind sought the help of a kindhearted Malay woman to get on the bus. He even managed to ask for $2 from the same lady before she got down from the bus.

The beggar appearing to be in early 20's was said to be comfortably moving in his seat and even reached out to the other passengers to beg some more. As everyone ignored his pleas, he moved to another seat and started to count his $2 notes.

I think the authorities should comb the area and pick these people up from the streets and impart some skills to earn a decent living. The surprising fact is that, these people could easily be making more than most of the well dressed people who spend their 9 - 5 routine in an office to earn a living.



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