‘Chinese BBQ lighter’ man burns flour in his mouth

I am not too sure why this man is doing this, maybe he is in search of fame. The unknown man stuffed some powder into his mouth, and then he did some Shaolin moves that appear like he is drawing some Chi energy. He inserts his finger to make a hole through the mouth passage to blow out while his mouth is still gorged in some flour.
 Image above: The Chinese BBQ lighter man blowing fire from his mouth

After awhile smoke starts to come out from his mouth and he aids a hand held fan to assist the fire he started. He then blows the hand held fan onto his ear to let the flour catch more fire and to his liking I presume, it does gets more rapid than before. It was turning to look like a barbeque fire, perhaps why some people decide to call him the Chinese BBQ lighter.

Image above:  Man Lights cigarette from Chinese BBQ lighter's mouth

Image above: Man smoking cigarette that was lit from Chinese BBQ man's mouth. Maybe the cigarette tasted better this way?

I thought there must be some trick going on here that makes it appear like fire blown out from this man’s mouth. Just when I was thinking along this lines, as though there was telepathy going on, poof comes another man, looking like a Chinese Mafia thug, and he lights a cigarette from the fire coming out from this man’s mouth. It’s as though they are trying to tell; now you know it is real fire that is coming out from this mouth. The Mafia man continues to smoke his cigarette and nods his head seriously.  

Video above: The entire episode of the cigarette lighter man. A lighter costs less than a dollar, why go to such lengths just to lit up a cigarette, I wonder why...?

Before dismissing this as impossible, let me add that fire can be started with the use of force called ‘Chi’. Some people called it prana energy that can be gained by doing meditation, breathing exercises, specific yoga exercises, etc. Another man had demonstrated this. I thought I posted about this before but I could not find that post. I might repost that in a later issue.

If this is after all, real fire that is coming out, isn’t it going to hurt this man in the long run? I am not sure because the man does not seem to be showing any signs of agony while performing this stunt or trick, whatever you wish to call it. How about inhaling the smoke, doesn’t it do damages to his lungs? Only time will tell. But as you can see, although the video is out for some time now, he is still not as famous as other illusionist like Criss Angel or David Blaine. Perhaps, he was considering showing the art for a price to make a living?


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