It’s amazing to see the extent people are willing to go to get what they want in life. Some believe in hard work during studies so that you can land yourself in the job of your dreams. Some people believe in work smart and not work hard. Others believe that in order to be financial freedom, one has to be in business. There are variations but for some reasons, a group of devotees in Cheras, KL had a different opinion when it comes to luck and what needs to be done.

Image above: The devotees taking part in the coffin ceremony to improve their luck.

 Recently, a ritual was held in conjunction with the birth ceremony of Hei Wu Chang and Bai Wu Chang, the two hell deities believed to be responsible for bringing the dead to the afterworld. They are believed to be able to move freely between netherworld and earth.

During the ceremony, the devotees are requested to step into the coffin and lie down in it while the ‘guards’, Hei Wu Chang and Bai Wu Chang will recite the prayers via a medium in trance. However, pregnant women are barred from taking part in this ceremony.

Two Images above: Hei Bai Wu Chang deities
About 300 Chinese devotees took part in this coffin ceremony believed to take place in a Buddhist temple. The devotees believe that the ceremony will help them get rid of their ill luck and be replaced with Good Luck!

So, has your luck been down lately? Coffin Luck, anyone?       ;)



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