All of us are aware of the marriage vows in church, till death do us part. Quite many are long divorced and start all over with new partners for myriad reasons. However, when it comes to parting, Capitan, a German shepherd mix refuses to accept the death of its owner and best friend although he had long gone to the other side.

 Image above: Capitan guarding its master's grave

In 2005, Miguel Guzman brought home a small German shepherd puppy as a birthday present for his son, Damian. But as fate would have it, Miguel passed away in 2006. In the short time frame, a bond had developed between the dog and its owner Guzman. In 2006 after Guzman died, Capitan ran away from home.

But as the family members returned to the grave after the funeral, they were surprised to see this German shepherd sitting on it. Guzman’s widow, Veronica Guzman who live in Cordoba, Argentina say that she find it mysterious how the dog is able to know the place although they have never taken the dog to the cemetery.

Image above: Capitan enjoying a walk
Standing vigil at night
Guzman’s family goes to the cemetery every Sunday to visit both Guzman and the dog. The dog does come back for a short while to spend the time with its family but always returns to the graveyard before it gets dark as if he doesn’t want to leave Guzman alone at night. Cemetery director, Hector Baccega had noted that during the day, Capitan takes a walk around the cemetery but always rushes back to the grave. Baccega had also noted the dog’s punctuality where every day, at 6 pm sharp, the dog is seen lying on top of the grave and will stay there throughout the night.

Care for Capitan in the cemetery
Hector Baccega said that the staff at the cemetery in central Argentina are taking care of the dog and providing it food.

Video above: In the video above, although different language, you are able to see footage of Capitan, live in action.

 They didn’t say that a dog is a man’s best friend for no reason. This dog is just a living proof to that. Guzman’s family love to take Capitan back home but they also understand the immense love this dog has for its master and would not want to do anything to hurt that.

Picture credit: La Voz


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