Ahh… who will not forget the comedian Shaman who rocked the KL International Airport with his antics and the paddling boat ride without water balancing on two young coconuts? Well, rest assured that he is back again now to save the world with his new found formula to solve the current haze problems. Perhaps, we should recommend him to United Nations to resolve the global warming crisis that is currently plaguing the world.

Image above: The 3 men on a carpet (magic carpet?) The man behind is balancing the carpet with two young coconuts, the man in the middle is using bucket to to row while the lead is rowing. But the carpet did not move. It was stationery all the while while the King of Bomoh (first on the right) is reciting some prayers.

Image above: The King of Bomoh aka Raja Bomoh holding the two young coconuts high and banged the two softly three times while saying prayers. No, there wasn't any lightning when the two coconuts were struck with each other. Talk of going nuts over coconuts....

Video above: Here's the ritual video of the entire MH370 search going coconuts

Previously, he made uproar during when the country was facing the missing MH370 plane. While the country leaders were trying to give a day to day update of the unknown whereabouts of the plane, this Lone Ranger came from nowhere with his forces to the rescue. The man who is possibly craving for some attention sure did come well dressed with a coat and gave press statements to the reporters to the disgust of an embarrassed airport officials.

Video above: The episode of Raja Bomoh with ice cube to save the day with haze problems

Image above: Raja Bomoh with his magic telescope again

The 81 year old man who calls himself Raja Bomoh Se dunia (King of all Shamans in the world) is back in the limelight now to solve the haze problems with his iconic ‘telescope’ and a new tool, an ice cube placed on a wok. He claimed that the art he practiced had already been practiced hundreds of years ago. He says that the ice cube on the wok is a symbol of hope for cleaner air. Ermm… excuse me, but how is this symbol going to help solve the haze problems, Mr. King of World Shaman?  

I think it is best to just take the cube, board on a helicopter, throw it on a cloud. And you can give a name to your miracle cure. Just call it cloud seeding.



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