Image above: Illustrative picture. Tax to be imposed for behind the closed doors activities. Well, how is the authorities planning to manage this? Are they going to bring in the calculator and start 'counting the number of times' of the you know what?
If you are thinking about having sex anytime soon in Kazakhstan? 
You are advised that you may be taxed — if a sex tax proposal goes the nod.

According to, the leader of a Muslim group in Kazakhstan has listed a series of possible sex taxes, taking into account variables such as knowledge of the state language, homosexuality and even (perhaps) how well-endowed the parties concerned are.

Murat Telibekov, of the Muslim Union of Kazakhstan, detailed financial repercussions for engaging in various kinds of intercourse, and posted it on Facebook. He may or may not have been joking about it, but his extensive list proposes a broad range of fees, to be paid on a by-case basis.

Here's the New Sex Tax Proposal
He proposes that the cheapest sex tax payable is about US$1, if you’re married and a Kazakh.

This is by far one of the most ludicrous tax proposal I have ever come across...

Tax rebate for Patriotic SEX, traditional sex??? !!! and for time management during the act?
You get a 50% discount if at least one party knows the state language, do it the ”traditional” way (this is not explained) and the act doesn’t last more than 14 minutes. If longer than that, the tax is more (obviously), and if you are especially well-endowed.

Tourism Sex Tax?
Of course foreigners will have to pay double to have sex in Kazakhstan. If the couple is in a long-term relationship, but not married, it’s about US$2.50. 

Two night stands?
A one night stand will cost you almost US$7.

Gay Tax...... sorry guys,  this guy may not be an advocate of LGBT
And, if you’re gay, the tax is US$10. reports that a vaguely-defined “non-traditional” act should be taxed at about US$18. 
Somehow, 'non-traditional' seems quite self-explanatory but the guy has an obligation to define this properly...

Complimentary Corporate savings on year long sex...?
He proposes that one can also buy a “year pass”, to save tax money while adding that the elderly and the disabled will be exempt from the tax altogether. In case you’re wondering how this will be enforced, he explained this will be done via a special police unit with the right to invade homes without a court ruling.

He doesn’t say who has the burden to pay it though — the male or the female party or BOTH!!!

“Well, at this time of the year, I can only say that Halloween or Christmas is approaching nearby. However, April Fool’s day is still far away and this guy doesn’t sound like he is joking. I hope he is not a bitter one for not having sufficient pleasures of the flesh and thereby imposing this ridiculous tax joke.”


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