A homeless man became a hero after intervening in a hostage drama involving a gunman and a woman. A gunman had held a woman, Clerk Elenilza Mariana de Oliveira as hostage just outside Sao Paolo church in Brazil. The woman was inside the church praying when she was rudely taken as hostage by the madman. Suddenly, a determined homeless man picked up the courage to tackle the man despite knowing the assaulter, Luiz Antonio da Silva had a gun with him.

As a result of the intervention….
 Image above: The woman, Mariana runs for her life when gunman lost his grip on her

The woman hostage
Mariana managed to escape and run away when the attention of the gunman was diverted. She ran to safety and far from harm’s way. She never turned back as she ran for her life. That moment of brief hostage episode would probably traumatize her for some period whenever she is out and alone until she overcomes this fear. Thanks to the lunatic gunman, Antonio da Silva.

Image above: Homeless Hero walks in to save the woman

 Image above: Scuffle broke out between homeless man and gunman

The Hero
The homeless man turned hero was Erasmo Francisco Rodrigues de Lima who happens to be a 61 year old man. He wasted no time and took matters to his hands by fighting with the gunman to rescue the woman. The result of the scuffle ended with a bullet wound straight to Erasmo’s chest. But Erasmo continued to fight with Antonio despite being shot and brush Antonio to the side.

 Image above: The hero slowly slides down and died after gunshot to chest. The criminal on right shot by Police

The gunman
His attention shifted from the hostage to the homeless intruder. As the intruder hero puts up a fight, the gunman, Antonio delivered a bullet right into the hero’s chest shortly after a scuffle. The aged hero was no match for this tougher criminal who had spent 22 years imprisonment on the account of theft, property damages and assault charges. He finished the hero with a bullet and the cops finished him with several bullets seconds later.

Video above: Episode of the gunman, the hostage and a good samaritan

There were moments the gunman had pinned the woman to the ground exposing him as an easy target to be shot. I wonder why the Police authorities who were there at the scene hesitated to take the shot. Or perhaps, they were waiting for instructions from the Chief who hesitated?

But, we can’t solely put the blame on the authorities for this because in these situations, a quick move by the victim at a time when Police launch fire may result in the woman’s death. Which would be a real loss but speaking of losses, the hero, Erasmo lost his life but he won as an example that in all madness of the world there still lies humanity out there.

Lessons learnt from this episode:
  1.       Never mess with a mad gunman.
  2.        Never mess with the authority with gun.
  3.        Never legalize firearms for civilians.
  4.        Patience is a virtue. Never take things into own hands.
Erasmo Francisco, your selfless act had caused you your life but not in vain. You have saved a woman’s life from a man who had a history of assault charges. Who knows what harm could have been caused by the madman in desperation. You created the awareness towards people who otherwise shun homeless people as dirty or untouchables. Little did they know that the behind the people whom they regarded as dirt, there are some with a heart of Gold. R.I.P., Erasmo Francisco.


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