A video captured a ghost apparition of a woman hanging from a tree captured by a car driver on a secluded road. The apparition of the ghost was seen hanging from an overhanging tree branch. The driver who later watched the video was spooked by it and posted it on a facebook group, pencari entity crew (P.E.C.), (a paranormal hunting crew) last Friday.

Image above: Ghostly apparition of a woman hanging from a tree

 Although the news was reported in KL, the exact location is still not known and some spooked members of facebook have already begun asking for the exact location of the sighting from the P.E.C. with still no response yet.

Quite a number of people had also reported ghost sightings on the same stretch of road. There are some comments that say the paranormal sighting is of a woman who had committed suicide. Some drivers say that they have witnessed the same sight even in broad daylight, same as seen in the video.

Video above: The footage of the hanging ghost captured

It was also reported that many accidents had occurred on the same road which many claimed as haunted. There were also claim that drivers had lost control of their vehicle and crashing after being spooked by seeing the ghostly sight.

Many have so far been spooked but I know some of the mad 4D hunters (Lotto/Lottery/ Number betting game) if ever they come to know, they would probably be going over to the spot with some banana and other prayer items as offering to seek the help of this entity to provide them for the next winning 4-digit numbers. LOL…they are even scarier than the ghosts itself.

Whether this footage is true or fake, the verdict is yours. You decide whether to believe this or not. As for now, I do not have more information about this sighting. I will update further if there are developments. I have also asked the P.E.C. for some additional details and pending answer. As for me on these sighting, I am still neutral. But before you even begin, I still don't know why in most ghost sightings, the ghosts seen seem to be wearing only white dress. You tell me why? LOL...


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