GIRL POSSESSED IN SCHOOL (with video-see it before deleted)

A secondary school girl believed to be from SMK Cheras was said to be possessed. It is not known where the girl who is clad in a yellow jersey was when she was possessed. Classroom students who witnessed this terrifying incident on the first floor was seen shouting when she slammed open the classroom door with students inside.

Image above: Possessed school girl tries to pull open the classroom door
 Image above: Girl possessed opens the classroom door

Image above: Girl possessed breaks the window glass. Looking on at her right is another student who is too scared to apprehend her

 Image above: School girl possessed breaks the window glass
Image above: The school girl seen bent down and lets out a loud screeching sound towards the students inside the classroom

She seemed oblivious to what’s happening to her and was breaking the window glass with her bare hands. The terrified students inside the classroom could be heard screaming. There had been many requests from viewers of this video presumably the same school students requesting this video be deleted because they do not want to jeopardize the good name of the school or the student in question.

There were quite a many others who were saying that those who watch this video had disturbances during their sleep. However, I am skeptical about this haunting claim as I did watch last night and had a pretty good sleep.

I am not sure if this video will remain here for long or will soon be deleted. Here it is:

I was wondering if the exam pressure may have had an impact on this student as the time now is getting close to the year end. What I did not understand is why the students did not get any help or seek the intervention of the teachers to calm the situation. As this incident happened on the first floor, the safety of this girl was at stake like what if she suddenly jumps out of the building and breaks her neck. I hope that this girl gets some help before it is too late.


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