It was another case of David meeting Goliath. The only difference, David here represents a lady and the ugly Goliath was a first timer amateur snatch thief trying his ‘pot luck’ in his new found ‘career’. This ‘Goliath’ story is not a spiritual one but nevertheless this attempted robbery gone wrong should serve as a good warning to other would-be snatch thieves. The incident took place in Acailandia, Western Brazil.

Video above shows the entire episode of the Jiu-Jitsu expert lady and the snatch thief.

Two men cornered Ms. Monique Bastos and another woman and demanded that they hand over their mobile phones. Then, Ms. Bastos had her hand-phone grabbed by a pillion rider of a motorbike. She said,”I was not afraid. I knew I could immobilize them. I could see that they were not armed. So, I knocked their motorbike down. One of them got away, so I got the motorbike driver Wesley Sousa de Araujo with a Jiu-Jitsu “lion killer choke” monoeuvre. Ms. Bastos trapped his neck between her legs while locking behind his left arms.

This man was humiliated and was reduced to tears as he was seen frantically crying and literally begging for his daddy as he was helpless.

He cries, Socorro, Socorro meaning Help, Help. The script of his wailing goes like this below:
Araujo: Release me
Araujo: I’m a dad.
Araujo: “Daddy, daddy, call the police, daddy.
Araujo: Call the cops!!!
Araujo: Help me. Help!
Araujo: Help me, Jesus!
Araujo: Please, I did nothing…. I never stole … Err… I mean, this was the first time….

(Ms. Monique Bastos reprimanded the other girl who kicked him while he is under her deadlock.)
Ms. Bastos: Don’t hit him. He is immobilized. That would be cowardly. (What a gentlewoman this lady)

Meanwhile Araujo continues to cry for help:
Help! Help!
 (Araujo telling to the man checking his wallet contents): It’s my wallet, Sir!!

(The man replies cynically): What do you mean? I’m a brave and tough guy. I’m a macho man! I’m the wickedest out there….

Araujo: Oooooh Lord
Araujo: She will kill me!!!
Araujo: Heeellllp!!!

Stranger man (cynically says again): I’m courageous!!! No, no, no, no ….

Araujo: Oh my God, help me!!!
Araujo: My God in heavens, please help me!
Araujo: Someone help me!
Araujo: That’s the first time I steal.
Araujo: Please….
Araujo: Please Lord!!! Aaaargh, she will kill me!!! I shat myself!!! I shat myself, oh Lord!!!
(At this moment, Ms. Monique Bastos smiles)

 Image above: A smiling Ms. Monique Bastos locking her robber as the man, Araujo seen crying and pleading for help...

Araujo: Where is my mother?
Araujo: HELP!!!
Araujo: I’m a worker!!!
Araujo: I’ll need my ID! (telling the stranger with the wallet again)
Araujo: I didn’t steal
Araujo: Where is it? Mom? I’m going to die, mom!

Ms. Bastos who has six professional MMA fights on record took down Wesley Sousa de Araujo the ‘robber turned victim’ and held him in this lock for 20 minutes until the Police arrived. Araujo should consider him lucky because in some parts of the world, the apprehended thieves are never shown any mercy like the cases you see below.

Image above: In a weird punishment by the locals in a coconut plantation, this two thieves were asked to hit each other with a coconut until the police arrived. The people who apprehended them were laughing and telling funny dialogues while the thieves were on a banging spree. None of the public harmed them. Consider them lucky...

Image above: This man was tied to a rope while he was kicked repeatedly by a few men. One man used a crash helmet and hit this snatch thief until his visor broke. They showed no mercy.

 Image above: The robber in black seated below while a man in green throws a kick on his face. A few people took turns to kick, slap and punch this snatch thief repeatedly in a snatch operation gone wrong.

No disrespect to this man, Araujo, but I couldn’t help laughing when I first read this article and I was still laughing as I was typing this. Forgive me for being insensitive. LOL… I hope more women will take up self-defense training after watching the video to put the filth called snatch-thieves where they belong, behind-the-bars.


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