Watch out, the Sky Kingdom is here on Earth via Ayah Pin - Part 3

From the news report below, it suggests that certain authorities have not made any attempts to capture Ayah Pin. This reflects the influence he has set-in. What is it that the respective figures could have probably witnessed until they did not enforce the law upon Ayah Pin? Hypnotism? Or some mystical powers that is endowed by Ayah Pin. For all we know that this Ayah Pin did not do any criminal harm on anyone. Maybe he has married 4 wives. Perhaps, he has renounced Islam in 2001 and a signed copy of Ayah Pin renouncing Islam is also available which is written in the Malay language.

The photos of the monuments that was posted in my part 1 and part 2 postings in this subject no longer exist today. They were all captured prior to the demolishments by the religious authorities and assisted by the Police Force. Perhaps, if he did not try to influence the Malays against going to the Mosque to attend the compulsory Friday prayers, things would not have been so bad for him. Further to that, there were other elements in his teachings that could be considered as deviationist teachings in the eyes of a Muslim.

Ayah Pin's concept of unifying Islam, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist teachings didn't quite work out with the combination of deviation teachings, strange rituals past midnights till dawn, absurdities of the monuments in terms of the cost involved (in Millions of dollars) and it's intricate meanings. However, there is still good done by this man as can be seen by the photo of the reformed addict with the help of Ayah Pin. He is not the only reformed addict as there are others who have also been cured of drug addiction.

Photo left: This man claims that Ayah Pin had helped him to reform his drug addiction problem.

In the news report below, Ayah Pin has been spotted again ever since his exile in year 2005 to Thailand. He came to celebrate the Pilgrimage Festival (Hari Raya Haji) in Malaysia that yearly involves sacrificing cows by slitting the cows neck. (When the neck is slitted, Quranic verses are read). However, the locals who eye-witnessed Ayah Pin performing "korban" (sacrifice) noted the peculiar difference in the manner that was performed. Ayah Pin started by slitting the cows tail first (very unusual and abnormal for this ritual) and then followed by the usual slit of the neck. He was again the object of the Malay skeptics who ridiculed his actions which they deem extremely weird.

And that ends the tale of the cows tail being slitted. This earth is filled by the strangest people with strangest teachings who may have some fusion of mystique. Perhaps, the mystique part of Ayah Pin is the pulling factor that gets his followers.

...........Star News Report....
Tuesday December 16, 2008
Ayah Pin back in Terengganu, says Barisan rep
KUALA TERENGGANU: Self-exiled sect leader Ayah Pin was seen in Terengganu during Hari Raya Aidiladha, the state legislative assembly was told yesterday.
The leader of the deviant Sky Kingdom group whose real name is Ariffin Muhamad feted his followers in Besut in the pretext of celebrating the auspicious day.
“Ayah Pin freely performed korban on Hari Raya Haji and no attempt was made by the authorities to detain him. I am sure he is on the wanted list and am baffled as to why he was allowed to roam without restraint,” said Ramlan Ali (Barisan Nasional-Jabi) while debating the 2009 state budget during the assembly sitting.
“Various enforcement agencies have blamed each other for the lackadaisical approach against him. How long do we have to wait before Ayah Pin is apprehended?
“Don’t let the Ayah Pin issue cause a chaotic situation for all of us,” Ramlan added.
Ramlan received support from Mohd Nor Hamzah (PAS-Bukit Payong), who urged the authorities to look into other mechanisms to detain Ayah Pin and eradicate any remaining vestige of his deviant teachings once and for all.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the authorities are scared of his wrath and his powers, they dare not catch him.

Anonymous said...

This makes very little sense. The man had renounced Islam in 2001. What business of his to come and take part in an Islamic ritual? What is he trying to prove?

Anonymous said...

Ayah Pin has a lot of western devotees.I wonder what has happend to them..anyway,"sky kingdom on earth"(heaveen meeting earth) is al old dream of saints,mystics,and seers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, they are with him in some secluded jungle in Thailand. The Intelligence Agents ie, FBI, CIA,INTERPOL may have to look for satelite images of tea-pot in the middle of the jungle. That's the tell-tale sign of his whereabouts.


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