Watch out! The kingdom of the Sky is here on Earth with Ayah Pin - Part 2

What do self-proclaimed prophets have in common? They have more than 1 wife, err... to fulfill their prophetic duties. Reverend Sun in my earlier posting had more than a wife, but Ayah Pin has 4 wives. In the news report below, you will be able to see the photo of his 2nd wife, Zaharah Awang.

But, what is it about this self-proclaimed prophet of all sorts raised the panic button of the Malaysian Islamic authorities?
In 2001 Ariffin renounced Islam. The Syariah court accused him of contravening Section 25 of the Enakmen Pentadbiran Hal Ehwal Agama Islam 1986 (Administration of Islamic Religious Affairs 1986), stating that his teachings and beliefs were false, deviant, corrupting and threatening to the public peace. He pleaded guilty to the charge of "belittling Islam", and was jailed for 11 months and fined RM 2,900. The Religious Affairs Office hoped that Ariffin's arrest would prevent the movement's growth, however Sky Kingdom continued to attract new followers from among university students. Photo below shows a troupe of Muslims who are followers of Ayah Pin.


Tea-pot cult? What on earth is that?


See the photo above. It is a giant sized tea-pot. Look at the size of the man walking near the tea-pot. What is the purpose of this tea-pot? To serve tea to guests? Nope this 2 storey high tea-pot is inspired by the dreams of one of his followers, and reflects a similar vessel in the sky which God uses to shower his blessings on mankind. The teapot is said to symbolise the purity of water and "love pouring from heaven". Followers who visits the commune for the first time have to drink "holy water" from the vase which is "perpetually" filled by the teapot. Note the matching blue vase in the background. This tea-pot and the matching blue vase cost a whooping RM 45 million dollars (about USD 12.8 million dollars). The money could have been better used for a noble charitable cause.

As you already know that I have mentioned in my first posting, followers claim him to be the reincarnation of Jesus (what a fusion!), the photo also has a cross in the background that attests to this.


Image above: The large yellow umbrella, a place of worship designated for followers of Hindu faith. 

 Image above: The large yellow umbrella is being destroyed by the Islamic authorities.

Ayah Pin and Hinduism.
This photo of the large yellow umbrella above has been touted as a place for his followers to take shelter beneath God. The followers claim that this figure is similar to the Hindu practice that worship the 9 planetary gods.


In the center of the photo above is a well, similar to the Well of Zam Zam in the Islamic scriptures. Followers say that the well has curative powers. Perhaps, it is this aspect of mystique that is pulling followers of diverse religion and from diverse geographical backgrounds? Perhaps it is the healing that the followers are after? Ayah Pin, besides the Malaysian following also has followers from Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Indians and Singaporeans. (Part 3: Ayah Pin spotted again after massive crackdown by the Malaysian authorities in 2005)

..........News Report.............................
Saturday November 15, 2008
Ayah Pin not seen since 2005, say wives
BESUT: The wives of sect leader Ayah Pin claimed they had not seen him since he disappeared from the Sky Kingdom commune in 2005.
“We read in the newspapers that Ayah Pin had entered the country, but he never came to see us,” second wife Zaharah Awang, 48, said when met at her wooden house at the commune in Kampung Batu 13 yesterday.
Ayah Pin’s current whereabouts is unknown, although he is said to be living in self-exile in the southern part of Thailand.
Zaharah said she found it strange that her husband did not make any attempt to visit her or his children if he had the opportunity to sneak into the country as reported.
Rekindled stage: Zaharah Awang, Ayah Pin's second wife, and a Sky Kingdom follower at her home in Terengganu Friday.
“We miss him so much and just want to see him,” she said.
“He is old and frail, I don’t think he would pose any threat to the nation, if the police want to apprehend him, go ahead but give us the chance to see him.”

Third wife Ruzilan Mokthar, 44, who was also present at the interview, said she believed her husband would not be afraid of being detained.
She believed some vernacular media had rekindled the issue after Ayah Pin was allegedly seen intoxicated at a karaoke outlet in Kuala Lumpur recently.
“A few days ago, we saw a group of photographers taking pictures in the commune, and we suspected something amiss. True enough, the Ayah Pin saga has resurfaced,” she said.
Terengganu police chief Senior Asst Comm 1 Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said Ayah Pin’s file had yet to be closed and the sect leader might face arrest soon.
He said police had discussions with the Terengganu Religious Department on taking action against Ayah Pin.
“Ayah Pin is still a threat to the public,” he added.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me too. Most cultist head are also busy collecting concubines.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if he had not built such big monuments and just made small symbolic icons, the authorities would not have to demolish it.

He would still have millions of dollars. Sometimes, people who suddenly get a windfall just don't know what to do with their money.

Anonymous said...

How come "Ayah Pin" disposed RM45 Milion dollars for a silly tea-pot but could allow his 2nd wife to live in a shackle hut.

He calls himself a prophet. But, aren't prophets supposed to live in moderation?

Anonymous said...

B'cos he is an ordinary human being and not a prophet!

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Generic,
Glad that you liked this piece. Just doing my bit of social service here. Normally, i just can't tolerate people with questionable motives.


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