The Moon that shines under the Sun - Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon, a Korean born will be 89 yrs come 6th of January 2009. He comes from a once traditional Confucius family which later converted to Christianity when he was just 10 yrs old. Today, he is the founder & the leader of the worldwide Unification Church and also owns, operates & subsidizes organisations involved in political, cultural & mass media including Washington Times.

This self-proclaimed "Messiah" as he calls himself claims that he is the 2nd coming of Christ himself and is here to complete the unfinished mission of Jesus Christ.
For On April 17, 1935, when he was 16, Moon claims to have had a vision or revelation of Jesus while praying atop a small mountain. He says that Jesus asked him to complete the unfinished task of establishing God's kingdom on Earth and bring peace to the world. Today, Moon & his Moonies (followers) are not spared of criticism for their religious beliefs and their socio-political involvement.

Did the Korean authorities allow this man to propagate his "Teachings"?
In 1946, Moon was arrested by the Korean officials, who showed him no mercy by beating him up to near death. But, Moon's dark days was not long in the moonlight due to the aide of his follower who nursed him back to his health to see the sun. But, his church backs him up by saying that the whole thing arose due to jealousy as parishioners stopped tithing in their old churches and started tithing in Moon's church.

Moon's 2nd & 3rd arrest.
Moon was arrested again 2 yrs later and was slapped with a 5 year jail term but was saved when the UN troops marched in leaving the guards fleeing their guardpost. This is a place where prisoners were usually overworked but not properly fed causing a high fatality rate. But, Moon who was cautious with the water ration by cleaning his hands to remove the chemical that he deals with as a part of his prison work credits God for protecting his life. Moon's 3rd arrest on counterfeiting charges happened during the Korean war when he tried to spend some North Korean currency in South Korea. He was released soon enough.

Moon's many marriage adventures.
He 1st married in 1943, at the age of 23. He got himself divorced with 2 children in 1953. He got married to his 2nd wife while he was still legally married to his 1st wife and the church does not regard this as infidelity. She was sent to Japan to avoid legal dificulties when she became pregnant. In 1960, he married his 3rd wife who was 17 yrs old at the time of marriage. The 3rd wife is known as the "True Mother" & they both are known as "True Parents". These "True Parents" produced 14 children and hence their family is called the "True Family".

The practice of Messiah Moon out in the Sun...
Nansook Hong, ex-wife of Hyo Jin Moon, Sun Myung Moon's eldest son, said in her 1998 book In the Shadow of the Moons: "My Life in the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Family", that both Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han told her about Moon's extramarital affairs (which she said he called "providential affairs"), including one which resulted in the birth of a boy raised by a church leader, named by Sun Myung Moon's daughter Un Jin Moon on the news show 60 Minutes.

The 6 Mary's & the sex rituals...
In 1993 Chung Hwa Pak released the book Roku Maria no Higeki (Tragedy of the Six Marys). The book contained allegations that Moon conducted sex rituals among six married female disciples ("The Six Marys") who were to have prepared the way for the virgin who would marry Moon and become the True Mother. Chung Hwa Pak had left the movement when the book was published and later withdrew the book from print when he rejoined the Unification Church. Before his death Chung Hwa Pak published a 2nd book entitled "The Apostate" and recanted all allegations made in Roku Maria no Higeki.

And the "True Father" says,
Rev. Moon teaches that before the first human beings were able to grow into a natural completion of their relationship with God they sinned through a misuse of love. Thus they experienced separation from God and from their original, pure nature. (Yeah, Right!!)

Thus the messiah comes as "true Adam" to restore what the first ancestors should have achieved, to restore all people to a sinless state and to build the kingdom of God on earth. Largely because of the failure of John the Baptist, Jesus accomplished only the first part of this spiritual salvation, so a new messiah must appear from Korea to finish the work. (Like....more sex?? ;)

So, what does he actually preach?
One of the key concepts in the Divine Principle is found in Rev. Moon's interpretation of Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply… and have dominion over the fish of the sea…" as constituting the "Three Blessings" that represent God's command to all human beings:

1. To grow to healthy maturity in body and spirit, where the body and spirit are integrated in mutual benefit and live in relation to the creator God, and for the sake of others;

2. To establish an ideal family and expand that to instantiate true family love to all levels of social expansion, again always in relation to the creator God; and

3. To maintain responsible stewardship of the earth and all of nature, and live a joyful and abundant physical life in preparation for an even more fantastic joy and abundance in eternal spiritual life.

Well, there's much more than meets the eye. The wise say that the eye is the window to the soul. Sometimes, the eyes get blinded in the midst of lunacy. The accounts above is only a fragment of unbelievable claims by a man on earth who claims to be the messenger of God from Heaven. The most difficult thing to understand is or rather the mystique part is how man allows himself to be deluded by such a phony individual.

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